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AvatarChris Smyth asked 4 years ago

Just a quick email, iam interstate and looking at Penis Lengthening surgery, i have budgeted around $5000, though would like to know a close estimate to final costs of the procedure. 
Thanks in advance,

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Deb, as with all other procedures, penis enlargement surgery can vary in price depending on which surgeon you choose and what technique they use. We suggest you arrange a consult with at least two surgeons to compare prices, techniques and who you feel more comfortable with. Dr Colin Moore is well respected and visited by patients all over Australia and the world for his patented techniques, however you might also like to look at the non surgical options such as those offered by Dr Jayson Oates. Recovery time varies, and I suggest this is a question to ask the surgeon you end up going with based on the technique they use.
Best of luck on your journey,


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