Missing Pec muscle- and Breast Augmentation

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AvatarAnonymous asked 8 years ago

Hi, On my left side I am missing the Pec muscle.  The left breast is flatter than the right on the top part of the chest, but not severely affecting cup size.  If getting any breast augmentation, will I need a pec implant as well?  is there any medicare or healthfund coverage seeing I have the additional issue.  I am basing this on that most info I see on augmentation refer to under muscle implants, and I am missing the muscle…

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Dr Mark HanikeriDr Mark Hanikeri Contributor answered 8 years ago

Hi there and thanks for your question.
From your description it sounds like you have a condition called Poland Syndrome and it is quite rare (Around 1:40000 people). It is a congenital, non-genetic condition, characterised by the absence of the lower part of the Pec major muscle (and hence the front of the armpit), absence of the breast and occasionally arm, forearm and hand anomalies.  the nipple is usually small and situated higher than the unaffected side.
If you say you have very little difference in cup size, then you must be very small on the right side or have a very mild form of the syndrome. If this is the case, breast augmentation may provide you with increased fullness on the left but this will not re-create the armpit fold or change the nipple size, shape or position.
You may need to have a custom implant made or have a procedure to re-create the armpit fold using a back muscle if this is a concern for you.  If you get a GP referral, then Medicare and your fund should provide some cover.
You should see a Plastic and reconstructive Surgeon who is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons for a face to face consultation to discuss your options.
I hope this answers your queries but please do let me know if you require further information.
Kind regards
Mark Hanikeri

Dr Naveen SomiaDr Naveen Somia Contributor answered 8 years ago

Thanks for your question
Lack of the pectoralis muscle is seen in a condition called Poland’s Syndrome
Reconstruction here is complex due to the underlying problem
You are correct in noting that you need something to reconstruct the pec and then something to restore the breast
It is not common practice to use 2 implants one on top of the other
I suggest you consult with a Plastic surgeon with considerable expertise in treating Poland’s

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