AvatarShane asked 4 years ago

Hi I’m wanting to know what options are currently are out there and thinking of something like this ,

Elist penis silcone implants types ?

Price, etc

Thank you

enlargement surgery ?

Hi i am interested in this not sure on what options there currently are price, process , down time, etc

Thank you
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1 Answers
Dr Jayson OatesDr Jayson Oates Contributor answered 4 years ago

Make sure you do plenty of research before considering the Elist Implant. There have been many patients with issues with this. It just does not seem like a plausible option in the penis.
Surgery in Australia is very expensive – $35K+ and I have seen patients with complication spend/be quoted over $80,000.
15ml of filler costs around $8000.

Dr Jayson Oates

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