Pain in one breast 2 years after breast revison

Q & A’sCategory: BreastPain in one breast 2 years after breast revison
AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

2 years ago I had a breast revision due to being in constant pain and being unhappy with the result of the first operation. It was discovered that both implants had capsular contracture and rupturing.
Since the revision I havnt had any more pain and have been very pleased with my breasts.
I had my first baby 3 months ago, wasnt able to breast feed due to many reasons, and over the last week I have felt an almost constant pain in my left breast and due to the minor sagging from pregnancy I can feel the implants easier in both and can feel rippling. The left was the most painful and worse of the two prior to revision.
I am unable to see my surgeon because we have moved over 12 hours away and dont know any doctors on the gold coast/Brisbane to see and Im affraid I will need surgery again but cant afford it.
Should I wait and see if it gets better, or start trying to find a new surgeon?

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