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AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

Hi There, 
So glad I have found this forum as I am writing in regards to my daughter. She is nearly 19 and has very large breasts, which are causing her major discomfort, backache, rashes and bleeding under breasts, indentation on shoulders from bra straps, and may other issues. We went to our GP today for a referral for breast reduction, and when I rang the Surgeon I was told she would be out of pocket around $8000. She simply cannot afford this, and it broke my heart to see the disappointment on her face as she is in alot of pain. I was then told if I searched the internet and tried to find a plastic surgeon who worked in the Public sector it would be completely under medicare, if she was a candidate for the reduction surgery. 
Does anyone know of any very good plastic surgeons who operate in the Public Sector? We live in Liverpool Sydney.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
With regards……

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