Please help am i tuberous

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AvatarAnonymous asked 5 years ago

hi i am need of help,
From a young age i have alwayshated my breast i have small boobs and one breast that is bigger than the other everyone kept telling me it was normal and it happens to alot of people i was picked on in school years and after that i never wanted to wear swimmers i hated going to the beach nor would i ever take my top of around anyone, i was told they are ok but i could never accept them , i have always been ashamed of my breast which made me very self conscious and lack self esteem, i have never been able to afford breast implants due to having a family young i also struggled to breast feed with both my children i was not producing enough milk for them and both only lasted a couple of days before i had to bottle feed,  so i am now 29 and finally getting a bit more financial so i decided i was going to get myself implants yay i was so excited because its been something i have been dreaming about for over 10 years and it means alot to me ,
so i started doing research on different surgeons and getting in contact with a many after a few e-mails back and forth my excitement soon turned into sadness once again after being told that i have quite severe asymmetry as well as tuberosity of my breasts. a couple of them knocked me back as they dont have the qualifications being only cosmetic surgeons and the surgery required was reconstructive and the ones that did, informed me that i am going to need 2 separate surgery\’s a BA and a BL also i will need to see a specialists plastic surgeon tho i may qualify for medicare rebates as well as PHI which i didnt have , so  its not going to be as straight forward or in the $7000 price range that i originally budgeted for  but thats it thats the only information i have been left with . so after alot more of my own GOOGLE research i applied for Bupa Budjet Hospital cover with that tho i have a 12 month waiting period for pre existing conditions which is ok because it will give me time to get all the information i need as well as save money for it and choose the right surgeon for my situation,
 my questions are
What is your opinion? do you think i am tuberous?

and do you think its possible to achieve large breast that are the same size  with implants only , do i have to have a lift as well

 if i just need a BA and BL whats the reconstructive part?

how much will it cost me and a breakdown of the fees
can i apply for more than one medicare item numbers for the one proceedure like 45558 ( i have a 19month old ), 45559 , 45524, 45528, 45545 and could i use one more than once  ? what will that take off the total cost whatever that may be
Public Hospital
Private Hospital
Heart Surgery
Palliative Care
In-Hospital Rehabilitation
Non Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
 and that Your hospital cover helps pay for all in-patient hospital-related treatments (other than those listed as exclusion or
not covered) at Members First, Network hospitals and public hospitals where Medicare pays a benefit, provided and no gap will apply if i choose  at Members First or, Network hospitals 
the standard membership conditions, including waiting periods, are met.,
so i am not sure what they pay for i really dont understand and then what do i have to pay for after that what are all the total fees involved like surgeon fee assistant fee anesthetic fee implants but not sure of the complete list of fees, 
what would be the cheapest option for me as being a single mum i may be more finanical now than 10 years ago but still dont have alot so i neet the cheapest option possible
and is there any way i can get it done through the publc health system ?

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

Congratulations on your choice to fix this issue which has obviously been bothering you for a long time.  There are many other women with similar issues so you are not alone!
Your questions cannot be correctly answered without a physical examination from a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
Here’s a link to our directory of plastic surgeons
Sorry we can’t help you more, but we suggest you consult with at least two plastic surgeons in order to find the right one for you and your journey.  They will also be able to identify if you are eligible for any rebates.  Consulting with two will also give you a price comparison.
Best of luck!


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