please help me to find a plastic surgeon for an unconventional procedure

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AvatarAnonymous asked 7 years ago

Dear sir/madam, I am writing to request a willing surgeon to perform an unconventional procedure around my eye area. I have contacted a local surgeon about the procedure I want but he referred me to Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. I hope they can open tomorrow, but I would rather try more channels to increase the chance of success. I am very desperate of seeking help, not because of cosmetic reasons, but I am constantly facing harassment because of my disturbing eye features. This year I have few surgeries to address the problems of my eyes: 18/6, Taiwan, forehead lift, aimed at correcting my over slant eye angle. The result is not obvious; 10/10, Melbourne, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty and double eyelid; 5/12, under the same surgeon, lowering outer eye corner, I would say this one is the most significant one, as the surgeon successfully lowered the left eye which outer corner was higher than the right eye. I requested the surgeon if he can do something more around my inner upper eyelid, I want them to be straighten. The surgeon refused. If my eyelid can be straighten, my eyes won\’t be perceived as unusually slant anymore, and free me from numerous harassment day by day. Because of my facial features, I am constantly being harassed in school, workplace and public, I am tired of making complaints, as it\’s non-productive to my life. I need it urgently because people would rather question about my mental health. All I can say is, it\’s not about my brain, but my eyes. Please take a look of the pictures of my eyes, and you will know the harassments on me is true. Attached also a desired result of my eyes. If possible, please put me onto a payment plan, I can give you the details of my school, or any information you think is secure enough to chase me for payment. I would prefer a surgeon in Melbourne, as the surgeon can exam me face to face. Please help me with the difficulties in my life. Your effort is much appreciated. Regards,Hilary Law

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