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AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

Hi there,I am enquiring about a Abdominalplasty.  My situation is that Ive had 5 c-sections over the span of 9years, my most recent was august 2015, I have had trouble with my wound re-opening and wondered if it was due to the weight in my tummy pulling it down. I am overweight by 40kgs and have a disturbing mummy tummy it is so heavy it restricts me from movement and if I sit for a certain period it gives my thighs pins and needles and well as ongoing back pain from my tummy pulling down. I also suffer with sores, chaffing and sweating underneath it not to mention the affect it has on my self esteem. I have no health insurance and read about the withdrawal of Medicare funding such operations by 1st Nov. Will I qualify for this operation if I was able to get an appointment before the Medicare cut off date and how will I go about retrieving an appointment for the operation?  As this I feel will be the only way I will be able to deal with this matter as I am unable to fund such an operation. For me its not even about vanity if you saw my situation you would understand exactly what I mean.Can you please advise me to what I could do, what direction I need to go in or refer me to professional advice. Please keep in mind that I would like the most budget way for it to happen.Thankyou so much for your asassistance, Kindest regards – Nia V

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