Rebate for breast lift?

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AvatarAnonymous asked 8 years ago

I breastfed both my children well past their first year. They are now 6 and 2. It has left my breasts saggy and full of nothing! I can’t stand my husband to see me and it is affecting our marriage. Would I at least get something for a lift?

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Dr Damian MarucciDr Damian Marucci Contributor answered 8 years ago

Everyone always seems to ask “is this covered by medicare” and for most breast surgery (outside of major asymmetry or breast reconstruction), the answer is “no”.

Dr Patrick BriggsDr Patrick Briggs Contributor answered 8 years ago

A registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon, need to assess your situation as each patient’s circumstances is different and in your case you might not require a breast lift but a breast augmentation.   Recommendations can be made by your surgeon.

Dr Naveen SomiaDr Naveen Somia Contributor answered 8 years ago

If you are in a Health Fund, you can have a Breast Reduction (that involves a lift) provided you have medical symptoms. If  you need a lift with an Implant, it becomes harder to obtain cover. Medibank Private and Bupa are scrutinising every single Plastic Surgery operation request. The other funds don’t.

Dr Gavin SandercoeDr Gavin Sandercoe Contributor answered 8 years ago

Medicare rules for breast or nipple lift state that your nipple must be below the level of the inframammary fold (the join between your breast and your chest wall) as evidenced on a quarter and full lateral view, and that you must be between 1 and 7 years since the birth of your last child. I suggest that you get a GP referral and see a local Specialist Plastic Surgeon and they can assess you, take the appropriate clinical photographs and then inform you whether Medicare is likely to contribute to any of the costs of your procedure. Should Medicare agree that your clinical photos warrant a breast lift, private health insurance (ensure that item number 45558 is covered) should save you money in the long run.

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