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AvatarWilma asked 4 years ago

i have just been informed that i hat I need to have both my very old (30 year) breast implants removed. I don’t have private health cover, but a doctor came to see me after ultra sound and mammogram, she informed me that I may be able to have this procedure down in a private hospital , but as a public patient, so long as   the procedure has a Medicare item number. She suggested because they were both ruptured and one out of the capsule that I may get in within 6 months or so.
i live in a remote area, and would like you advice on how to go about getting this procedure carried out. I am also worried about how my breasts will look after the procedure. I wondered if they would put in a new implant if things looked to unsightly . I would be grateful for any help with this matter.

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Wilma
I have been informed that unless you live somewhere that has a public-private hospital arrangement, the idea of having a procedure done as a public patient in a private hospital is misguided.

In terms of where to start – start with a referral to a plastic surgeon with an interest in breast reconstruction that has a public hospital appointment.

Also, we have a closed Facebook support group – there’s a few pics of explant surgery (with and without a lift) – if you’d like to join, just email your facebook URL to asking if you can be added to the group.

With regards to the rupture surgery would ideally be recommended in 6mths or so, but chances are they have been ruptured for ages and you just didn’t know. If the rupture is extracapsular and the implants are 30 years old then likely you will require a ‘tidy up’  Most women past menopause usually have enough of their own tissues to fashion something reasonable.  You need to research out a plastic surgeon specialising in breast surgery who will have the expertise to avoid more implants if possible.

This info was provided by 2 plastic surgeons.

Hope that helps.


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