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Michelle asked 10 months ago

Hi, I’m looking into getting septorhinoplasty done to fix a severely deviated septum, crooked nose & associated breathing problems whuch were the result of a previous injury/trauma (broken nose when I was 14) which was not treated at the time. A plastic & reconstructive surgeon has given me a quote for the procedure which has an associated Medicare item number. I would be paying to have it done as a private patient in a private hospital, as I don’t have health insurance. I’m just wondering am I also able to have any aesthetic issues addressed at the same time (eg, de-projection /reducing the size)? Or would this mean that the item number & Medicare rebates would not apply. It just seems that if I am going to pay a significant amount of money to have the surgery done I really want to have all my concerns addressed – not just the functional ones. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated Thanks, Michelle

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KristyKristy Contributor answered 10 months ago

Hi Michelle,
In such a situation/patient, the answer is always to address both the aesthetic as well as the functional aspect of the nose. The patient should put forth her issues both from a breathing perspective as well as aspects of her nose appearance she does not like.

The surgeon should then formulate a plan that can address those issues and explain the technical approaches to reaching their mutual goals.

I hope this helps, Ray

Dr Raymond Goh
Valley Plastic Surgery, 51 Ballow St, Fortitude Valley


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