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AvatarJenny asked 5 years ago

My question is regarding what a surgeon is LEGALLY responsible for in terms of meeting a clients expectations. If I bought a car for instance and it was a lemon, I would have recourse through a number of avenues to get my money back or a replacement vehicle.
So if a surgeon does a bad job, in terms of asthetics, doesn’t follow my requests, i.e.; puts in too large implants, or leaves tools or swabs in place, or I catch an infection caused by improper hygiene, or the doctors aftercare is not to standard, or anything of that nature, are they legally obliged to fix the work or contribute financially for me to have the work fixed by another surgeon of my choice?
And if not legally obliged, do any surgeons offer a guarantee covering any of these items? Surely their professional indemnity insurance would help in these instances?
i have not had any type of cosmetic surgery yet, but I’d like to know my risks, and they primarily seem to be around bad workmanship, rather than complications from capsular contracture etc.
thanks in advance

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

Hi Jenny, There is a wealth of information on the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeon’s (ASPS) website with regards to what guidelines surgeons are legally responsible for adhering to.  Too much to list here.  However, here is a link to the page you will want to read up on in order to be informed about this issue.

We also always recommend that you have a direct and detailed discussion about your concerns with your surgeon.  They should be completely transparent about what they will and won’t cover should something goes wrong.  You should feel comfortable enough with your surgeon to discuss this, and anything else that you want to know about your surgery. Good luck!



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