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AvatarAnonymous asked 8 years ago

Hi ..
I just wanted to know how to search for the best surgeon in regards to total body Lift procedures.
Thanks .

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Dr Mark HanikeriDr Mark Hanikeri Contributor answered 8 years ago

Hi there and thanks for your question.  It is impossible to answer it as there is no “Olympic Games for Plastic Surgeons”.  Most properly trained Plastic Surgeons would have the skills and the knowledge to assess you and offer the most appropriate treatment in a safe and effective manner.  Some have more experience than others in these procedures which usually translates to better outcomes for their patients.  I would suggest you ask around for friends, acquaintances or even you GP to find out who they have seen for or sent their patients to in the past.  You should see at least two surgeons for an opinion and ask them to fully explain their approach and what they would recommend and if possible show you representative photographs.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards
Mark Hanikeri

Dr Patrick BriggsDr Patrick Briggs Contributor answered 8 years ago

Firstly you should be looking for a Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Cosmetic procedures.  Experience in the procedure that you are considering is paramount.  Your decision should be based on how comfortable you feel with the information you have received at your consultation.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your consultation for e.g.
Enquiring about his training and qualifications, number of procedures, technique and success rate with this procedure are valid questions.  Last but not least remember to ask about the after-care provided, a vital part of your recovery process.
All the best 
Patrick Briggs

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