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AvatarAnita Dawson asked 6 years ago

Hi I am a 38 yr old mother of 2 and have been diabetic for 34 yrs.
not being able to deliver naturally I had 2 C sections which left my stomach in a less than desirable way.
I now have  a huge fatty skin apron and if I take my insulin anywhere near this I find it fails in reducing my BGL so I have taken doing my needles in my legs and arms instead.
this causes me much frustration as the convenience of being able to take my insulin has been reduced because of my stomach.
I would like to know if I have enough cause to have a tummy tuck to remove the problem area so I can go back to using my stomach as a pin cushion every now and then giving my legs and arms a break.

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi Anita, unfortunately, Medicare do not cover abdominoplasty unless you’ve lost a certain percentage of weight not including any related to childbearing. This is a recent change of last year and one we’ve tried to petition against. However, because of the medical reasons you have stated, whilst it might still be incredibly difficult and by no means guaranteed, you may possibly be able to apply to Medicare for an individual assessment of your case. The best thing to do is to consult with a plastic surgeon who may agree to write a letter so you can apply to Medicare for a rebate taking into consideration your individual circumstances.

Here is an article that might be of further assistance for you to read with regards to abdominoplasty and Medicare.

We wish you the best of luck and would love to hear if you are able to get anywhere with Medicare.

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