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AvatarLucinda asked 4 years ago

Anyone recommend an inexpensive place in Brisbane QLD to get some Ultherapy done to my jawline. It is frustrating going to several places just to compare prices and then have to pay consultation fees – defeats the purpose of shopping around ! Do any clinics have price lists on their websites – just a ball park figure would be a good indication of approx cost before approaching a clinic to get a proper costing for the treatment. 

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Lucinda, here is a link to those clinics in Brisbane who offer Ultherapy. Unfortunately, not many clinics offer pricing for Ultherapy on their websites, but we suggest you give each of them a call and insist on a ball park price without a consultation, or suggest that you are open to a consultation but do not wish to pay a fee. Some clinics offer free consultations, but again, confirm this before you make the effort to go to the clinic.
As a ball park figure you would probably be looking at around the $2,500 mark, or up around $3,500 for the whole face.
Best of luck, Trish


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