what costs are involved with tuberous breast with sever asymmetry reconstruction with implants and medicare rebates

Q & A’sCategory: Breastwhat costs are involved with tuberous breast with sever asymmetry reconstruction with implants and medicare rebates
AvatarAnonymous asked 5 years ago

I am 28 years old, a mother of 2 children 9yrs and 17months i have always been self conscious of my breast being small and to different sizes growing up in school my friends always used to tease me about it and getting older there was not many people that seen me without a massive padded bra on, i have always wanted to get breast implants but due to having children at younger age i could never afford it now i have finally got things on track and stared saving for implants aiming for around $6500 after doing research and emailing back and forth to a few different surgeons i have been told that i have tuberous breast as well as sever asymmetry, so now i am assuming the surgery is going to cost more than the $6500 augmentation was originally going to cost i am looking to find out roughly the cost involved in a reconstruction and implants, possibly before and after rebates and health insurance, i am struggling to find information on these and or understand what i do find. 
I have also been told by a plastic surgeon that he believes i would qualify for medicare rebates. is it possible to get more than 1 item number rebate at the same time in the same surgery and can you use the same one multiple times? is there a limit on these? the item numbers i have come across that i thought i may qualify for were 45533, 45524, 45556, 45559, 45558 can anyone shed some light on this please
i also have signed up for bupa private health insurance hospital basic cover which say they cover for

  • Public Hospital
  • Private Hospital
  • Heart Surgery
  • Sterilisation
  • Palliative Care
  • In-Hospital Rehabilitation
  • Non Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Non cosmetic plastic surgery
Treatments for corrective surgery for physical or congenital  deformities, eg. breast reconstruction for cancer victims and skin grafts for burn treatment.

please any information would be really helpfull

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

You have done the right thing by emailing and consulting with different surgeons to get price comparisons.  Prices can vary great between surgeons, but make sure you find the one that is going to suit your needs and is the right one for you, not just the cheapest.  Check out our directory of qualified Australian surgeons.  Your surgeon will be able to identify if you are suitable for any rebates.  Medicare rebates for plastic and cosmetic surgery are very strict, and there is definitely criteria you must fill in order to receive the rebate.  Read more about that here.
With regards to Private Health Insurance, it might be a good idea to have it confirmed in writing by your health fund that you will be covered for the exact procedure you are considering. We have heard all too often that patients think they are covered under their health insurance when in fact they did not read the fine print and their particular surgery was not covered.  Read more about plastic surgery procedures and private health insurance here.  I also replied to your email.
Hope this helps, best of luck along your journey, Trish


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