There are a variety of non-surgical beauty treatments that can rejuvenate the face. You don’t have to undergo surgery to get subtle contouring and enhance your look. Dr Jack Zoumaras is renowned as an expert on facial anatomy and is also qualified for non-surgical rejuvenation. At his hugely popular clinic Artiste Plastic Surgery in Darling Point, Sydney, they offer the latest non-surgical treatments to help you revitalise your face without undergoing the knife. He chatted to us about the different options to treat different issues.

Dr Jack Zoumaras of Artiste Plastic Surgery

Anti-wrinkle injections

So, we’ve all heard of anti-wrinkle injections that are obviously used to get rid of the wrinkles! But what else are they good for?

  • Frown and Glabellar lines (the ones between your eyes!)
  • Crows Feet (the ones to the side of your eyes!)
  • Nasal/Bunny Lines (the ones around the side of your nose)
  • Brow Lift
  • Lip vertical lines
  • Masseter muscle (to reduce size of lower face)
  • To correct a gummy smile

Dr Zoumaras says as a specialist plastic surgeon he can ensure that your anti-wrinkle injections are not just anti-wrinkle but take advantage of the unique muscle harmony that only a trained Plastic Surgeon would know. He says, “An understanding of the structures of the face and this muscle structure and function is important when using anti-wrinkle injections to achieve balance in injecting, not freezing a face but minimising wrinkles, opening up the eyelids with a brow lift and giving a overall freshness to your face.”

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are not just for plumping up your lips. They replace the volume that is lost in the process of ageing as your collagen is affected by age and gravity. Dermal fillers are able to restore volume and contour your face, fill wrinkles (often used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections). They can also be used for:

  • Fine wrinkles around the eye or mouth
  • Deeper wrinkles in the nasolabial fold or forehead
  • To augment the Chin
  • To augment the Lips
  • To augment the Cheek
  • To fill in contour defects anywhere in the face

Skin Tightening

As we get older our skin becomes lax and looser on our muscles and underlying tissues and this is where we really start to show our age. Dr Zoumaras says a really effective way to mimic the effects of a facelift without undergoing surgery is to undergo a skin tightening treatment such as ultherapy. Using ultrasound energy this device targets tissues and stimulates new collagen. Dr Zoumaras says, “This in turns tightens the tissue and skin and lifts the skin and helps define the jawline.”

Non-surgical treatments such as the ones mentioned can be used in conjunction with each other to provide an overall facial rejuvenation without ever undergoing the knife. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that your results are only determined by the skill of your practitioner. We’ve all heard stories and seen patients who can no longer show emotion on their face, have lost feeling in certain parts of their face, or just look completely wrong. It is essential you choose a practitioner who has an innate understanding of the facial muscles, tissues and skin in order to identify exactly what non-surgical treatment should be used and where to give you the best results.

If you’d like to arrange a consult with Dr Jack Zoumaras at Artiste Plastic Surgery you can phone (02) 9327 1700.


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