Unwanted fat that persists despite dietary changes and exercising is a common concern for many of us. Whether it comes in the form of a persistent stomach “pooch” after pregnancy, or excess fat around our thighs that refuses to budge – even droopy “bat wing” arms are a concern for many of us over 30 – localised, persistent fat can be difficult to remove permanently.

Typically removing unwanted fat was limited to liposuction, arm reduction, thigh lifts or tummy tuck surgery. However, the Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing team in Melbourne, Victoria are getting some amazing results with the enCurve – an effective option for body contouring and reducing of excess fat cells, without surgery. We had a chat with them about why their patients are LOVING this non-surgical fat blasting treatment and why the results are so impressive.

Why enCurve for reducing persistent excess fat?

Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic are linked with Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Medici Clinic, home to some of Australia’s best Specialist Plastic Surgeons for cosmetic procedures such as breast, body, face, eyelids and nose. With their Specialist Surgeons and their Clinicians regularly attending Australian and international industry conferences and events, it means they are “in the know” in relation to the best evolving technologies, devices and techniques.

Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic tell us that unlike a lot of non-surgical body contouring treatments, the EnCurve RF system is able to target more areas of the body, and much larger areas at once, than some of the other non-surgical fat reducing technologies, often resulting in more natural and even results for patients.

The EnCurve RF system is unique in that it constantly adjusts the level of energy it produces to ensure more even fat reduction treatments, while employing air-cooling technology to prevent burns. This means practitioners are able to set the device for the patient and leave, allowing the patient to enjoy a more relaxed and meditative experience.

This is usually not the case with other fat reduction treatments where there could be a risk of great discomfort or potential skin burns due to the applicator being in such close contact with the skin (EnCurve equipment works slightly above the body, so the delivery equipment does not actually touch the skin, which is a safety feature of this type of fat reduction).

EnCurve works by exposing the targeted area to controlled delivery of radiofrequency (RF) energy which causes denaturation of the adipocytes (cells which specifically exist to store fat) which ultimately leads to ‘fat cell death’ whereby your body metabolises and expels them while leaving the surrounding soft tissue intact. Basically, enCurve kills your fat and your body then removes them from your body.

Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic say “You may feel a bit of tingling sensation in the treated area at first, or a bit tender afterwards, for up to a few days or a week or so – but it’s usually not that noticeable. Plus, patients who have tried both tell us that it’s a lot more comfortable than the ‘cool’ methods for fat reduction. But the main benefit over other methods of fat reduction technology is the comfort and safety that EnCurve technology is known for – the fact that it’s easy to schedule in sessions – because there’s NO down time required afterwards. You can typically resume most normal activities afterwards, but you may be a bit tender. Our team will give you post-treatment instructions as well.”

Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic say the EnCurve has shown remarkable results used on it’s own to target stubborn areas, and also as a complementary treatment to more traditional body contouring treatments including surgical options.

If you’d like more information from or to book in for a free consultation with Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic you can phone them on (03) 8849 1400. To read more about Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic, check out the blogs below:

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