Factor 4 is a treatment we’ve been raving on about, but it’s easy to see why when you see results like these ones. Riana from Riana’s Health and Skin Care Clinic in Greenway, ACT has lived, breathed and dreamed beauty for most of her life and owned her own salon all her working career and says Factor 4 is by far one of her favourite treatments. We asked her why, and she also shared some pictures to tell the story.

PSH: Who or which patients are you finding most suitable for Factor 4 PRP treatments? Is there a particular demographic or is it suitable for all age/types of patients?

Riana: I have no specific selection criteria. In my world all skin, in any age group, needs nutrients to grow! Factor 4 is my number one choice!

PSH: What areas of the body or face are you treating with Factor 4 and what is Factor 4 best for treating, ie. can it help with stretch marks?

Riana: I treat any area. I had fantastic results with ageing skin, crepey necks, post acne scarring, stretch marks, dark circles under eye, enlarged pores on nose including telangiectasia on cheeks!

PSH: What results are you most noticing with Factor 4 treatments?

Total skin repair on sun damaged areas.

PSH: What do you like about Factor 4 over other aesthetic treatments?

Riana: It is clinical, pure gold! No product can beat it.

PSH: How many treatments do you do on patients to get your awesome results? How long does each treatment take?

Riana: 60 min treatment, one session every week, for 4 weeks. I take a pre photograph and a post photograph four weeks after last session.

PSH: Is there any discomfort during or expected after the treatments and if so how do you manage it?

Riana: If you give your client constructive advice, she/he will have minimal discomfort. I recommend ice packs or cold water compress every 30 min after treatment until bed-time. Repeat the next day if necessary. Use after care products as instructed.

PSH: Are the results of Factor 4 permanent or are follow up sessions required?

Riana: Ageing happens every second of the day. Follow up sessions are recommended.

PSH: What are your patients saying about Factor 4?

Riana: They love it!

We can see why! The photos speak for themselves.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment with Riana phone (02) 6166 2265. To read more about Factor 4 and how it works check out the blogs below:

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