Pretty much all women at some stage of their lives experience some sort of vaginal issue. Whether it’s leaky bladder, painful sex, loss of feeling or anything else, it’s just a part of life – yeah joy (not!). It’s more acceptable to talk about it nowadays and that has led to solutions and treatments. I recently had a wonderful woman tell me about her experience of having 3 sessions of the ThermiVa treatment and her great results. I’m really excited to share her story with you. She tells the story in her own words…

Is it going to hurt? What’s it going to feel like? It is going to be embarrassing?

I was a bit apprehensive before having my first treatment of the ThermiVa, I mean – is it going to hurt? What’s it going to feel like? It is going to be embarrassing? All these questions rolled through my mind, so to say I was nervous was an understatement.

I arrived at the Cosmetica Clinic in Castle Hill almost sweating. From the moment I walked in the door, I was put at ease by Dr Feiner’s staff. They are warm, friendly, and immediately made me feel welcome. I had a consultation with Dr Feiner and we discussed my issues and he explained the procedure in great detail to me.

The ThermiVa treatment is said to have many benefits, but for me, to be honest, I wanted the treatment because as a perimenopausal woman I had started to notice some differences ‘down there’. This treatment is supposed to be good for tightening and rejuvenating, but I was after increasing some sexual sensation. It was explained that because of the new collagen formed after the treatment this sort of ‘spruced’ things up. I was excited to spice up my sex life… feel more, have more sensation. Just because we get older doesn’t mean we have to settle when it comes to sex?!! That was my whole reason for seeking the ThermiVa treatment.

The before pic was taken, and then Dr Feiner hooked me up to an adhesive dispersive electrode pad – which safely returns the radiofrequency current to the ThermiVa apparatus. I was given my own ‘wand’ which is a really skinny wand thing, it’s about as thick as your thumb and around 8 inches long? It has a little RF ‘plate’ at the tip. This is the RF device so it’s important for that little plate to pass over the entire area, so it’s inserted in and out and constantly moved for around about 30 minutes. It sounds a lot, but it goes quickly, it’s not uncomfortable at all, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The wand passes over and that’s how it ‘rejuvenates the cells’. As I said it was actually surprisingly comfortable and there was no pain at all. It was a little weird, but so worth it.

The complete procedure is a 3 treatment process, so you have 3 treatments, one month apart. Of course each month was more comfortable than the month before – it’s more of a mind thing, but totally worth it! You get to take your wand home with you and you bring it back to each treatment.

ThermiVA - vaginal rejuvenation before & after

Patient of Dr Ron Feiner

Did I get results?

YES! Apart from the sensation, what really blew me away was the visual difference. If I hadn’t have had the before and after pics I would never have known, because I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t really spend time looking at myself down there. It totally ‘neatened’ the area up. Not that it was messy, but I was surprised that it had such an impact on the outside. There’s no doubt in my mind, I feel vaginally rejuvenated. I haven’t noticed any little ‘accidents’ when I have a good old belly laugh. (HA! I KNOW I’m not the only one this happens to), but you know what, that hasn’t happened once since I had this treatment. As for my sex life, let’s just say that we are smiling 🙂

I would fully recommend this treatment to anyone who’s interested in or needing a little bit of help down there. I would also suggest you make sure you find a reputable practitioner. Dr Ron Feiner was excellent, he explained everything and made me feel completely relaxed. He was professional every step of the way, and you can feel comfortable in knowing that his female assistant is there the whole time as well.

We’d like to thank our contributor for her story and her photos (we think she was super brave to share), and I’m so interested in this treatment I wanted to find out more.

So How does ThermiVa work?

I’ve been chatting to Gina from Ocean Cosmetics in WA and she’s an avid fan of the ThermiVA, and knows just about everything there is to know about it.

I asked Gina to tell me a little more about how the treatment works. “One of the unique features of the ThermiRF platform is its ability to safely and precisely heat the tissue. Only with the ThermiRF procedure can the temperature of the tissues beneath the skin and at the surface be accurately controlled and safely monitored. This allows the maximum amount of heat to be delivered which results in increased collagen production and tightening. The radiofrequency energy transfers heat directly to the desired region. Both external and internal vaginal looseness is treated using this exciting tightening method. Radio frequency treatments for dermatological use have been proven to be safe, effective and comfortable. ThermiVa works by contracting the targeted tissue to a tighter bundle and encouraging new collagen production. It also may help in tissue and nerve healing from traumatic birth.”

ThermiVa is said to be good for:

  • Vulval sagging or looseness
  • Dryness
  • Leaky or overactive bladder
  • Orgasmic dysfunction
  • Vaginal infections
  • To improve the effects of ageing.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment with Dr Ron Feiner in Castle Hill, Sydney, check out his website here.

Or, if you’d like to arrange an appointment with Dr Gina from Ocean Cosmetics in WA, phone (08) 6336 7250.

If you want to find a ThermiVa clinician near you, email, visit their website, or to read more about the treatment first check out the blog below:

ThermiVa, Not Just for the Kardashians


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