Jeannie Devereaux

Jeannie Devereaux

At Dermatone, our clients want to look natural. The fake lips and cheeks is a fad of the past. We want our clients to be happy with themselves inside and out. The new approach to skin rejuvenation is to regenerate the skin and it’s volume naturally.

Dermatone offers a specialised treatment program called Dermal Regenerative Therapy (DGT). Each program consists of treatment layering which activates the corrective reactions within your skin that are lying dormant.

DGT is prescribed according to the individual from the DNA outwards. If the skin is corrected from the inside out, results last longer and you maintain a natural youthful look. Many of our clients have keloids and hypertrophic scars, acne scars, acne, surgical scars, laser scars, dermatitis, post pregnancy damage and more. We have a program for all conditions that are safe and effective.

At Dermatone, the clinicians blend Bioflash, XDNA ampoules and highly concentrated amino acids scientifically designed by Mesoestetics. The unique elixirs are designed to counteract the ageing process that is uniquely affecting your skin. The turnaround, even in the most difficult skin conditions, is quickly visible through the change in texture, moisture content and colour.

Get the Best Results with EmCyte PRP treatment

To add greater value and restoration of healthy skin and volume is to inject EmCyte Platelet Rich Plasma consisting of a minimum of 1,000,000 platelets/ul. Most systems available are injecting less than 200,000 and results are disappointing and compromised. For connective tissue regeneration the PRP must have 1,000,000/ul to activate the stem cells within the skin. The stem cells can only then regenerate. Secondly, Emcyte PRP contains a high percentage of Macrophages of phenotype 1 and 2 (M1 and M2). M1 removes the ageing unhealthy skin naturally while M2 stimulates the fibroblasts to lay down a new bed of collagen.

The skin’s turgor, volume, elasticity and tone are functions and features that can be restored naturally bringing back the apple in your cheek, natural lip volume and a peach and cream colour. It is too often and mostly unnecessary to inject dermal fillers when a few simple treatments can achieve the same result and better. Dermal Fillers never correct ageing skin and never correct why the skin is losing volume. The facial anatomy consists of connective tissue and depends on the health of its microenvironment, hence cells. An optimal interaction of connective tissue and other cells and the rejuvenation of these interactions and cells is what will restore skin back to a youthful appearance.

Once DNA is restored you begin to see a change in the colour and texture of the skin. Simultaneously, we add nucleotides and highly powered nutrients to rebuild the loss of volume and muscle in the skin. Within weeks our clients will see results that supersede the cosmetic quick fixers and better still they are healthier.

Dermal Fillers can create fibrosis. We see this often in clients that have relied on fillers for wrinkle reduction. Fibrosis will age skin and is achieving the opposite to the first desired goal of a youthful appearance.

In our Dermal Regenerative Therapy program, we stimulate Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) that are naturally occurring in the body and the skin. HSP inhibits your skin from ageing faster than it should by slowing down cell death. HSP will stimulate the release of naturally occurring growth factors that correct the DNA and microenvironment within the skin cells.

Skin discoloration is corrected removing pigmented and vascular lesions and then infusing highly concentrated depigmentation ampoules to reverse and correct the malfunctioning melanin production.

Dermatone strongly advise to restore the health and volume of your skin and body back naturally. Your cells are already programmed to do this. All they need is the correct stimulation therapy through a personally prescribed program.

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Jeannie Devereaux

Jeannie’s career has been actively engaged in the professions of Dermatology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Bio Cellular Sciences, Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering and Orthopaedic Sciences during which time she has obtained significant knowledge and expertise across a multiple of medical disciplines. Jeannie has over 25 years experience in treating and diagnosing various skin conditions and is able to tailor individualised treatment plans for each client depending on their skin goals.

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