Welcome to the day and age where Anti-wrinkle injections, fillers & cosmetic surgery isn’t just for the insanely wealthy and the movie stars.

For a mum of three, clearly fillers are for special occasions and treats. But I personally don’t do flowers, they cost too much to just die. I’d rather an awesome kissy pout (my husband agrees too!)

I first experimented with fillers on my “50kg loss celebration” I went for 1ml of Juvéderm. I was nervous it was going to hurt – lots of little needle pricks into my lips. It actually didn’t hurt much at all and was over within five minutes. I loved the results. They lasted for five months +

At 5 months I was coming up to a special occasion (my one year gastric sleeve anniversary). So while my results hadn’t fully worn off, I just wanted a little “top up”.

This time I decided to try 1ml of Restylane. I had this done by a male GP this time not a female RN, I don’t know if this is why there is a difference in pain, but yes, this time it did hurt. He wasn’t as gentle as the RN that’s for sure. But once again, all over red rover in less than 5 minutes & nothing I couldn’t handle. I love the Restylane too, the differences I notice between the two is the Restylane is more “lumpy”, very common for fillers, and “thicker” – it definitely took more lip massages while settling.


I think it comes down to personal preference. For me they both seemed to do the same thing. I enjoy the results of both.

PAIN – Minimal
COST – from $389
RESULTS LAST – 6-12 months

Keep your plate clean, your life active & your heels high!
Sammy O’Keeffe


Hi, I'm Sammy, mother of 3, student of nutritional medicine, mistress to my husband while the Navy is his wife, I'm sick of that bitch getting all the attention! I am wonder woman. I change my hair colour more times in a year than my bed linen. After my whole life yo-yo dieting I bit the bullet and had weightloss surgery. I lost 70kg and started my plastic post weightloss surgery with a Tummy Tuck. My story is still being written. Keep your food clean, your life active, and your heels high!

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