Dr William Mooney

Dr William Mooney

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons are amazing. They’ve obviously undergone a lot of study and training to get to where they are. However, when you’re researching surgeons to perform your procedure, we suggest you want to make sure the surgeon you choose has performed the procedure many times before and is indeed somewhat of an expert in the field. I know I only let the best operate on me. Dr William Mooney, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon) and FRACS, is one of Sydney’s premier rhinoplasty surgeons, and here’s some good reasons why.

Besides being a fully qualified Ear Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Oncology surgeon, Dr Mooney trained not only in Australia, but under renowned surgeons in the United Kingdom, Paris and Los Angeles to further his skills and experience in facial cosmetic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty. His extensive training and experience have allowed him to further refine and advance his techniques so that he brings a wealth of experience and unparalleled results back on home turf in Australia.

Rhinoplasty the hardest procedure to master

Rhinoplasty is notoriously the hardest plastic surgery procedure to master. It is complicated and allows little room for error. The nose is full of bone, cartilage and skin which your surgeon has to manipulate, shave off and shape making it an extremely precise procedure. Skill and artistry of your surgeon has never been more essential! This is why there are so many rhinoplasty revisions required. Even the smallest bump or variation on shape and contouring can completely alter the result. Your nose is one of the most obvious features on your face, so if your surgeon doesn’t get it exactly right, it is there for all to see.

Natural Results

One of the reasons why Dr Mooney is so popular with rhinoplasty is because of his natural looking results. As well as using the latest imagery software, Dr Mooney has a real talent for identifying what nose is going to suit your facial features and works to achieve the best result possible for your face. Dr Mooney says, “I listen carefully to exactly what the patient doesn’t like about the shape of their nose. We take images and we do computer aided imaging. This means together with the patient we plan the best nose for them.”

If you’d like more information on Dr Mooney, check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to arrange a consult give his clinic a call on (02) 9389 4497.

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