Many men (and some women) experience thinning hair or baldness as they age. Whilst some embrace their shiny heads or receding hairlines, most wish they weren’t one of the many for whom it’s a reality. Modern day technology is still working on fine tuning treatments to reverse or treat the issue, but an exciting new treatment from Cryomed Aesthetics is turning heads (excuse the pun). ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is getting results and helping heads of hair everywhere.

What is ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant and how does it work?

There are other hair transplant devices on the market, but what makes ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant unique is its state of the art ARTAS Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. While it might sound a bit sci-fi and futuristic, the fact of the matter is it’s technology that works.

Basically, it’s a device that identifies and selects your prime hairs in areas where you have plenty of hair and harvests them in order to transplant them to the area that needs more hair. The source of the hair for the transplant is from your own head, so the ARTAS AI is able to select hairs from the area/s of your head where you will not notice they were gone, but will make a big difference to the areas that need them. The ARTAS robotic device is able to transplant or graft the hairs with more precision and success than any doctor is able to because of its precision robotics – it’s also a lot faster than any human is able to do the transplant. The results being produced from the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant are said to be superior of any other hair transplant technique on the market and physicians all over the world are embracing this technology. It’s now available in Australia, and Aussie men should get excited.

The first step

At your first consultation with an ARTAS physician you will be able to use the ARTAS Hair Studio technology to see what you could look like after the transplant in 3D. This is where it will be identified how many grafts you will need, and where. You will be able to work with your physician and choose what hairline and result will suit your expectations. The simulated results will then be delivered to the ARTAS Robotic device, where under the physician’s supervision, the system creates a distribution process that protects and saves your existing hair, but helps to increase the hair in the patient’s thinning areas. It gives you a completely natural result both from the donor area and on the area with the transplanted hair.

The before and after photos speak for themselves, and for anyone who’s been dreaming of sorting out their thinning head of hair once and for all, this is definitely the technology to help you do it.

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