Most of us have some small pockets or areas of fat where we just wish they would magically disappear. The area around our belly for instance, where the fat gets together and has a party (and it’s NOT invited!). This can look really unflattering especially as we try to rock our favourite summer dresses that are just that little bit too tight over the mid section. If this is you, then we have a solution. enCurve is a non-surgical fat cell destroying radiofrequency device that provides body contouring in your lunch hour so you can rock your holiday outfits and swimwear.

What is enCurve?

As mentioned above, it’s a radiofrequency device that works by gently heating fat cells and tissue to 45 degrees to destroy the adipocytes, or fat cells permanently, with literally no downtime. In fact, the enCurve is even described as a meditative or relaxing experience with minor tingling reported and some tenderness in the treated area for a few days after treatment, but this is usually barely noticeable.

What we love about the enCurve is that it can treat almost anywhere you have stubborn fat to move. The abdomen or tummy is definitely a popular area but it can also treat the following areas:

  • Flanks (love handles!)
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Buttocks

Being able to treat so many different areas, some of them simultaneously, is a definite advantage that enCurve has over other body contouring devices. It’s applicator and design also allows larger areas to be treated at once so it’s able to provide circumferential fat reduction more evenly with less treatments. It is suggested you need at least two to four treatments to get the best results.

Dr Robin Chok from Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery in Adelaide says the enCurve is one of the best devices he’s seen for body contouring. “Treatments are more effective due to the specialised frequency and, with no pain or downtime, patients can see real results after a few treatments. The device is easy to use so varying patient results due to different operators is not an issue, as the chance of human error is removed due to the capabilities of the device.”

Patients are also loving that the treatment is a great chance to take some time out to relax and the enCurve does all the work for them. Dr Chok agrees, “Our patients are seeing changes in their shape, and are able to wear clothes in a smaller size due to the volume loss. They also notice the texture and tone of the skin has improved. Overall, they are feeling more confident within themselves and their appearance.”

So, if you’re looking for a way to help you rock your holiday outfits, check out the enCurve.


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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