After a spectacular isolation home improvement job gone wrong, it really was a case of ‘best leave it to the experts’ as an entire kitchen shelf (complete with cookbooks), crashed on to my face. I was left with three nasty cuts, with accompanying bruises to my face.

scarless healing

When isolation home improvement goes wrong!

The good news, given it was mid-home isolation, was I wasn’t socialising any time soon, in fact, like all of Australia, I really wasn’t going anywhere. The bad news was, would these cuts leave scars on my face?

There are many over the counter remedies to reduce scarring. As well, there are also many ‘natural’ alternatives. But, given these cuts were prominent and, on my face, I chose to investigate what the highest quality, medically approved solution could be.

As a subscriber to Plastic Surgery Hub, I was vaguely familiar with the range of Stratpharma products. After contacting the Big Banana – and all-round good lady, Trish at Plastic Surgery Hub, this turned out to be a good move.

As Trish explained that there are several types of products within the Strata range. These specially formulated products are designed for healing wounds and scars associated with dermatological, cosmetic and general surgery. As well as post-surgery or, in my case, post accident, the range also includes products that are designed specifically to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Stratamed is the first product I used when the cuts were still healing. It is a self-drying and flexible wound dressing that provides the ideal skin environment for any wound to heal faster and give you the best chance of a scarless healing. It promotes healing as it reduces any redness or discolouration, as well as addressing any itching, pain or discomfort.

Special OfferStratamed is ideal to use immediately after surgery on the fresh incisions, such as those made during a breast augmentation procedure. Unlike almost any product on the market, it is designed to use it on the broken surface of skin and can work to heal the skin before the scarring process begins. It is this feature of Stratamed which makes it better than other products where you often have to wait until the wound has fully closed to start use, which can sometimes take weeks.

Stratamed will also help protect and hydrate the wound and can help to prevent any abnormal scarring – right from the beginning. Stratmed is suitable for all surgical incisions, as well as injuries to the skin, such as the cuts on my face. I applied Stratamed for approximately 10 days. Cost: $48.95 Available on the Plastic Surgery Hub Shop.


Strataderm Scar Therapy GelOnce my cuts had closed and were on track to heal, I then began applying the Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel twice daily. It is a fast drying, non-sticky, transparent, silicone gel and can be used on both old and new scars as well as helping to prevent any abnormal scar prevention.

Strataderm dries to form a protective layer that allows the skin to ‘breathe’ as well as making it waterproof. This formulation both hydrates and protects scars, allowing the scars to normalize the collagen synthesis cycles, that helps to produce a normal and mature looking scar. In other words, it hastens and supports the natural healing process.

Strataderm is often used to help soften and flatten scars, as well as relieving any itching or discomfort of scars as well as reduce redness and discoloration associated with scars. It can also help promote scarless healing as in my case!

scarless healing

Absolutely no signs of scars at all!

You can easily apply Strataderm to all areas of the skin, including exposed areas like my face as it is almost invisible. I applied Strataderm for approximately four weeks. Cost $37.95. Available on the Plastic Surgery Hub Shop.

The results from using both Stratamed, then followed up by using Strataderm have been excellent. Gone are the angry red gashes, to now virtually invisible marks. I would highly recommend investing in both these products if you are planning any surgery. For a very modest investment you are giving yourself the best opportunity to heal any injury (planned or otherwise!) leaving you with the least visible scars possible or even scarless healing .

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