Raised moles, skin tags and other lesions come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s for aesthetic or functional reasons, we often wish we could get rid of them. With all the modern technology, it is actually possible to remove them, once and for all. We spoke to Academy Laser Clinics so we could find out how they do it.

PSH: What is scarless mole removal?
ALC: Scarless mole removal is a Doctor-only procedure at Academy Laser Clinics. Our Cosmetic Doctors use Radiosurgery (radiofrequency) to carefully shave or excise a benign raised lesion, whilst cauterising surrounding tissue. This means no scalpel or blade cutting, minimal bleeding and no need for sutures, which significantly reduces the chance of scar tissue developing and minimises post-care requirements.

Forehead mole removal - Before / 1 mth / 3 mths

Forehead mole removal – Before / 1 mth / 3 mths

PSH: Is it the same treatment to get rid of moles and skin tags?
ALC: Yes, it is possible to remove raised benign moles, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratosis (senile wart or basal cell papilloma) and other unwanted lesions on any part of the body, including intimate areas, with ScarLess Radiosurgery. We do not remove flat moles or freckles with Radiosurgery, but other treatments are available to lighten this type of pigmentation.

PSH: Post-care, Is there any downtime?
ALC: The biggest benefit of scarless mole removal with Radiosurgery is that we coagulate the blood supply during excision, so there are no open wounds and bleeding is minimal. Post-care simply requires a dab of vaseline and keeping the area clean and covered with a band-aid until healed over. We also recommend using some silicone scar gels to enhance healing and avoid clothes rubbing the treated area(s). Otherwise, you can continue everyday activities as normal.

PSH: Does it hurt?
ALC: No, the procedure is painless. Prior to the Radiosurgery, the area is injected with a local anaesthetic, as such you won’t feel anything other than a little bit of pulling of the skin tissue. Once the local anaesthetic wears off, the treated area may be a bit tender if rubbed, but otherwise there is minimal discomfort.

Neck mole removal - Before / 3 months

Neck mole removal – Before / 3 months

PSH: What Results can you expect and when?
ALC:The removal of moles or skin tags from the face will generally result in perfectly flat and blended results after 2-4 weeks, especially when post-treatment recommendations are followed. The skin on the body typically takes a bit longer to heal and the treated area may be slightly paler than surrounding skin. If any brown or pinkish colour remains, it is possible to treat with laser or light therapy until the area is near invisible and without any noticeable scar.

If you’re interested in speaking with Academy Laser Clinics about ScarLess Mole Removal or any of their other advanced skin rejuvenation procedures, please visit http://academylaserclinics.com.au/scarless-mole-removal/ or contact them on 02 9439 9293 for their Sydney clinic or 08 9382 3238 for their Perth clinic.


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