The 40th ASAPS conference was a chance to see all the latest devices and treatments in action. One that I’d heard about that’s getting some awesome results and was keen to get to know more about was the Scizer from Cryomed. Mel was kind enough to chat to me about how this great new ultrasound contouring treatment works. To see my video interview with Mel click on the image or visit our youTube channel.

What is the Scizer?

Melissa Don: The Scizer is a new device that we just introduced to the aesthetic market, which is a micro focused scanning ultrasound. So what that means is we have about a 40 millimetre area that we treat each time, and it can go down to a depth of nine to 13 millimetres to reduce fat.

How does it work?

It literally heats up the fat and destroys the fat over time. You need about one to three treatments to get the end point you’re looking for. And it’s great for contouring, so you can use it over the whole abdomen, or you can do spot areas. Like post lipo, you might have some un-evening, so it just improves the contouring of the abdomen.

What other areas of the body can you use it on?

It’s mainly for the torso, to flanks, abdomen. If someone’s got larger areas like thighs, or upper arms, remember the depth is nine or 13 millimetres, so they have to have a fair amount, but most areas are using abdominal areas.

Does it hurt?

It’s quite comfortable. We can reduce the intensity if it is uncomfortable. It’s got a cooling plate, so it does keep the epidermis nice and cool, and reduce the discomfort. Most of our patients find it quite a tolerable procedure.

How long does a treatment take?

Depends on the size of the area that you’re treating. Per zone will take about three minutes to do per area. Most treatments are anywhere from half an hour, maximum an hour.

How large is the treatment area?

So the treatment area per zone is a four centimetre square area, and we treat that three times, and then move onto the next zone, so it really depends. If it’s a full abdomen or full flanks we need to be treated, or just spot areas as to how long it will take to do the treatment.

Can anybody do this treatment?

Yes if they’re clinically indicated, absolutely. We do have some contraindications, but the clinician will advise if they’re suitable for the treatment. But anyone who has a pocket or an overall area. Also good for patients who are not suitable for cryolipolisis, or non-responders to cryolipolisis, for those who don’t want surgery, or those who are post lipo and have irregularities in the contour of their abdomen.

If you have irregularities is this the perfect treatment?

So if post criolipolisis, or post liposuction, there are irregularities in the torso or the abdomen, you can use this treatment to rectify those irregularities.

How new is this technology and what makes this treatment stand out?

So the Scizer is new to the market. We have had it in Australia for just about a year now. Getting a lot of traction with it, a lot of interest. There’s nothing really quite like it that can do this kind of delivery over a large area, without the discomfort of previous technology. So it’s quite new and innovative, and very exciting for the industry.

To find a practitioner near you who offers the Scizer go here.


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