Trish Hammond: I’m here today with Bill Beedie from Cynosure. Cynosure has got a new device out for body sculpting or body contouring, and it’s called the SculpSure. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Bill Beedie: Pleasure.

Trish Hammond: I’ve just watched the device doing its thing, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Bill Beedie: It’s basically a fat destruction system, 25 minutes, and it’s a no surgery, and the intention is you basically, after hours or work time, or whenever you come in, in 25 minutes, you have a treatment, and in six weeks, you’ll see the results, six to twelve weeks.

Trish Hammond: Okay, all right, so is it designed for specific spot areas, say for example, like a little bit of a chubby or your flanks, little areas or-

Bill Beedie: Well, if you have a BMI, as they call it, of anywhere from 30 down, it’s perfect for that. There’s four applicators, and they can go anywhere on the body, anywhere around to the stomach or the flanks. The system is FDA approved, which means that it’s been through rigorous testing in there US and the US authorities, and it’s been completely cleared for a fat destruction point of view.

Trish Hammond: Does it hurt? That’s the biggest question that we get all the time is, “Does it hurt?”

Bill Beedie: You get a sense of – The simple answer is no. You get a sense of heat in the beginning because it’s a laser. It’s been designed to target the fat underneath the skin, so it’s got a 1060 wavelength as we call it, but it’s got an integrated cooling system. For the first three or four minutes, it takes the temperature up, and then the cooling kicks in, so it’s actually … You get a sense of heat, and then the cooling kicks in, and then it just regulates from there.

Trish Hammond: It’s not uncomfortable?

Bill Beedie: It’s not uncomfortable. You do get a sense of heating in the beginning, but it’s not uncomfortable, and then after the treatment, you’ll find that you … Most people they just get up and they go about their day. Some people might feel a slight tenderness like they’ve just done a workout, maybe some sit-ups or whatever else. Typically, men feel that more than women that we’ve noticed, which is not unusual. That’s it. Then after six to twelve weeks, you come back in. You might decide you want another treatment or need another treatment. The clinics who are using the system, typically they will look at someone and say you might need two or three treatments to cover this off, maybe the flanks.

Trish Hammond: But it’s a one treatment in the one area?

Bill Beedie: You can do it across multiple areas. In the one treatment, you can do multiple areas.

Trish Hammond: Which is 25 minutes?

Bill Beedie: It’s 25 minutes.

Trish Hammond: Right, perfect, so half an hour, done.

Bill Beedie: Done.

Trish Hammond: And the results anywhere between six and twelve weeks to see the full results?

Bill Beedie: Within 12 weeks, what happens is the fat cells die. It’s 24% of the fat cells basically die, and the lymphatic system, your own body system, takes them out of your system over those six weeks, and then you can then determine whether you want another treatment or your doctor or clinician or cosmetic surgeon, whoever you’re dealing with, you can work with them and figure out if you want to do anymore or you’re happy.

Trish Hammond: You might have your tummy done and think I wouldn’t mind a little bit done around here and do-

Bill Beedie: Absolutely.

Trish Hammond: Okay, great, all right. How much does the treatment cost roughly?

Bill Beedie: Treatment cost is – It’s usually a minimum of around about $1000 for the treatment, can be a little bit more. It just depends on where you’re going and what – There might be other treatments you’re doing. For example, while you’re lying there, you might decide to have some skin rejuvenation or have some other treatments at the clinic. It’s entirely up to them.

Trish Hammond: Because you’re just really actually lying there while it’s being done.

Bill Beedie: For 25 minutes, yeah.

Trish Hammond: Okay, perfect. One other thing, there’s a few places in Australia that do it.

Bill Beedie: Yes. We’ve got the system……., we released the system in Australia around about December last year, so we’ve been really selling it from January time frame. There’s about 30 systems in the Australian market, and the system is now in most states, and there’s an enormous amount of interest, so we think that this footprint will grow rapidly in the next 12 months, and there’s about 700 systems around worldwide.

Trish Hammond: Wow, so they really know what they’re doing.

Bill Beedie: Totally.

Trish Hammond: So, if you want to find out where you can get it done, just drop us an e-mail at Thanks, Bill Beedie.

Bill Beedie: Yeah, thank you.


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