Why I’m converting my skin care to the Dermatonics Organic range

About 2 months ago I started using the Dermatonics skin care range. I was intrigued by the name “Nutridermaceuticals” and thought it might be worth a try. Given that I have sensitive skin, I am always very wary when applying any new creams to my face. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I first applied the creams and knew instantly they were for me. Unlike many other products where my face reacts with the usual tingling reaction, the Dermatonics products felt cooling and calming to my skin. So now how did they fare over my 6 week ‘try them out’ period? Well…

The containers are lightweight but sturdy and have an excellent easy pump action application with a removable plastic lid to keep it free from dust etc. I loved the fact that the containers have a solid base so that you can stand them upright and they don’t fall over. I also like that when they sat on my bathroom shelf they look clean and ‘healthy’ if that’s the right word for it. I just felt like I was being healthy when I used them.

I tried 4 of the products in the range. Here’s a bit of a run through of each one.
Dermatonics Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser – this was excellent – just enough foam when applied with water which I applied when I was in the shower each night. Easy to wash off and left a smooth finish without any noticeable perfume or residue.

Dermatonics Beauty ElixirDermatonics Brightening Essence

Beauty Elixir for Wrinkle Refining/Collagen Boosting – I applied this at night as it was ever so slightly heavier than the Brightening Essence for Pore Minimising/Complexion Revitalising which I applied first thing in the morning after my shower.

Dermatonics Rejuvenating Moisturiser

The Rejuvenating Moisturiser I applied just before putting on my make-up. This is a lovely lightweight product and is easy to apply.

Over the course of 4-6 weeks I really noticed the difference in my skin. I suffer from Rosacea from time to time but I definitely noticed a reduction and perhaps this was because in the past, my skin has reacted to other products. The most noticeable difference I found was the texture of my skin and I can only put this down to the Collagen producing effects of the Beauty Elixir. I religiously put this on at night and will definitely continue to use this.

In a nutshell, I was 110% happy with my Dermatonics products and will definitely continue to use them. I’ve been researching the range on the web and I’m looking forward to trying the eye cream and hand and body lotion.

Thanks Dermatonics, I’ve finally found something that works for my skin. It’s healthy, organic, and just what the doctor ordered!

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