Face masks are an extremely easy way to pamper yourself without having to leave your house. It used to be that masks were something you had during your facial treatments at the beauty clinic or spa but you can now purchase extremely effective, indulgent and luxurious facial masks that you can do yourself at home. Spoiling yourself with a face mask can be just the thing you need in between your beauty spa visits to keep your skin supple, smooth looking and rejuvenated. Sovome Masks do all the above and more and we wanted to remind you of why we love them and why you will too.

Dr Danae Lim

The Sovome Calm and Hydrate Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask was created by Dr Danae Lim, cosmetic physician and skin care junkie. Dr Lim is a lover of all things beauty and says her motivator for creating the masks was so she could use them herself! “I wanted a product to use on my own skin that was going to be the best it could be. I didn’t want anything that contained any harsh preservatives, artificial fragrances or anything that didn’t need to be there.”

Dr Lim is known in the aesthetics industry as being an artist and an innovator. She doesn’t do any treatments or procedures on any of her patients that she hasn’t tried herself. She loves helping others feel beautiful and with the Sovome Masks she’s found a way for people to pamper themselves at any time.

What’s in a mask?

Dr Lim tells us that it’s the hyaluronic acid in the masks that helps them to rehydrate and allow the skin to retain moisture, help repair any tissue damage, normalise your epidermal function and calm sensitive skin. “I wanted to make sure that the masks had all the peptides and antioxidants it needed designed to smooth, calm and rehydrate the skin, and that would be suitable for all skin types.”

Dr Lim says her vested interest in anti-ageing products is for her own benefit, but she loves it when others love her products as much as she does. She says, “I firmly believe that for skincare to be effective it should have the highest concentration of active ingredients using the simplest formulation to avoid anything that’s going to cause irritation or allergies.”

We all know that there are a thousand beauty products out there that claim to do certain things, but I feel confident in telling you that Sovome Masks are a beautiful, inexpensive and fun way to give your skin some TLC without having to leave the comforts of your own home. I really love using my Sovome Masks and look forward to hearing what you think. You can grab the masks in our PSH Shop (yep, we stock them! I wanted to make sure I could keep up with my love of them 🙂 )

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