Fiona had always sweat a lot. She says it’s something that runs in her family – it’s hereditary. She says it took away her confidence and always felt horrible. At the age of 48 Fiona heard about the MiraDry treatment and went to see plastic surgeon Dr Pouria Moradi in Sydney. Fiona says it has changed her life. This is her story about how to stop excessive sweating.

I’d always had excessive sweating – it’s something in our family as well – it’s hereditary. Fortunately for me it didn’t smell much at all. It was under my arms mainly, and I used to be wet summer, winter and all through the year. It’d be down the side of my ribs – it would be all the way down. In winter it was worse. I used to always wear black but people still always stare at your underarms.

It was excessive and it was a little bit of a joke in our family. You’re very self conscious of it. People sometimes grab you and you know they grab you underneath the arms and it was just sopping wet all the time.

Stop excessive sweatingExcessive Sweating and Clothes

You can’t wear anything. You feel like you could wear black and it might not be as noticeable but it is. It eats all your clothes away. You sweat that profusely and it actually eats your clothes away.

I remember it being a problem all through high school. I used to wear my summer dress with a jumper over it to hide it, even in winter. To help hide the wet patches on my underarms.

Does excess sweating stop you from doing anything in life?

YES… I was self conscious of things all the time. I could never lift my arms up – silly thing like going dancing and lifting your arms up. It takes away a bunch of confidence when you feel like you can’t move because you want to keep your arms down all the time. Not in a physical way, but with that lack of self confidence it does stop you from doing things in a way as well.

It was always there, always wet, it felt horrible and it wasn’t comfortable either. I’d go through layers of clothes. You’d put layers and layers on and it’d still come through. It was mainly the clothes you wore… you couldn’t wear this and that. If I had no sleeve tops on it goes half-way down the side of you. The wet patches were so big – it’s like the comedy shows when they spray on the wet patches to be funny – well, that’s how it was. So wearing no sleeves didn’t help because it all goes down the side anyway.

My sister-in-law Paige heard about the MiraDry and she thought i’d be the perfect candidate. She was right. I’m like a normal person now. No side effects at all and it’s been over a year now.

The MiraDry Procedure

The most harrowing part of the procedure is all the local anaesthetic injections that you get. They have this contraption with lots of needles in it – so you get them all at one time. They do all around and so that stops the pain of the MiraDry treatment. MiraDry looks like a laser machine that they run over you and you don’t feel anything. There was a couple of times when I could kind of feel something, but that was it. Meanwhile you’re thinking of what’s happening, but that was the procedure. It’s not a short procedure… it goes for quite a while. You lay there and the practitioners talk you through it, tell you what they’re doing. They were very good. They take you through the steps and were very careful. I felt looked after and I felt they knew what they were doing. After that you just put ice on it until the local wears off.

I’d suggest to anyone that does it take the day off. Or go to work in the morning, get the procedure and don’t go back to work… simply because you need to keep the ice packs underneath your armpits – because once the anaesthetic wears off you’re a little sore. You feel like you have two golf balls underneath your arms! Once the anaesthetic wears off you’re quite uncomfortable. I’m sure the pain levels vary with each person but for me it was very uncomfortable.

Stop excessive sweating

How MiraDry works

MiraDry Aftercare

No aftercare – just ice. Keep putting the ice pack off and on to keep the swelling down. No creams, no massaging, no nothing. Don’t put deodorant on and you don’t go into the water for a week.

Did you notice a difference straight away after your MiraDry treatment?

Yes, I didn’t sweat at all – nothing at all! Most of the swelling took about 2 weeks to go down. It actually took months and months for it to feel normal again but my arms feel completely normal now. I think it takes six months to a year to settle down completely. I did find that there was little lumps under my arms for quite a long time. I remember wondering if they’ll just stay there. They’re gone now and they took a while to go.

How has the MiraDry treatment changed your life?

Yesterday I bought a satin dress which i could never have bought previously. It’s given me a whole new lease on life. I’m able to buy colours; I can lift my arms up. I sound so cliche, but it really has given me a whole lot of confidence. Sometimes I’m standing there and I put my hands under my arms to feel and I think I can touch under there it’s amazing. I’m so used to buying black when I go shopping but now I go OMG i don’t have to buy black!

Stop excessive sweating

Dr Pouria Moradi is getting some life changing results with the MiraDry

It’s more about talking to somebody and not have them staring at your underarms. It’s just really really good.

In the beginning there was no perspiring at all. I do perspire now, but just like a normal person – actually probably less. Just a little bit of sweating when I exercise or something like that. I mean, I didn’t have to do anything before – I’d just get out of bed and I was sweating profusely, but now when I do exercise there’s just a little bit of sweating.

It’s given me such self confidence.

There were times I’d sit in a corner and not be able to get up and talk to somebody because I knew they’d be looking at me. I’ve got my arms in the air dancing all the time now.

I’d rate the MiraDry treatment 10 – 10. Definitely 10 out of 10.

For anyone suffering from sweating like I was, I would say to go and get it done!

If you’d like more information on the MiraDry treatment to stop excessive sweating with Dr Pouria Moradi phone his clinic on 02 80 698 974 or visit his website.


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