We receive dozens of questions each month about Stratapharma scar gels and products – how to use them and when. We thought we’d pop these questions, and their answers, all in the one spot for you. We love the Stratapharma products and stock them in our online shop.

Does Stratamark help with stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stratamark has a great reputation for helping to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
Here is a link to a real life trial that was done on four different ladies specifically for stretch marks that you might find really interesting. There were certainly very positive results with these ladies.

Can you use it in conjunction with other products?

There are so many other products on the market, with different ingredients and applications. We suggest you consult with your GP to check if the Stratpharma product you are looking at is ok to use in conjunction with other products.

Can you use Stratamark early in first trimester and all through pregnancy?

You can start using the product at any time during your pregnancy. It contains no alcohol, fragrances or parabens, which makes it suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and people with sensitive skin.

Which product is recommended for a cesarean section scar?

If you are having a c-section surgery, then it is recommend to apply Stratamed immediately after the surgery. Stratamed creates an optimal environment for faster wound healing, and helps prevent abnormal scarring. However, you should also take on your advice from your doctor or surgeon for this as well.

Once the wound has completely healed over, you can apply Strataderm to help reduce the appearance of the scar, reduce any redness or discolouration and relieve any itching and discomfort that you might experience from the scar.

Stratamed has an indication for use on the open wound, so definitely Stratamed straight after surgery. Strataderm should only be applied once the wound has healed.

What’s the difference between Stratamark and other options on the market for stretch marks?

Stratamark is based on specific understanding of the physiological causes of stretch marks, and ways to prevent that. Stretch marks are thought to be a version of scarring, and the principle ingredient of Stratamark changes the way the tissue scars and helps normalise the collagen synthesis cycle.

How long should you use Stratamark to prevent and treat stretch marks?

It is recommended that you should start using Stratamark as soon as you see your first stretch mark (in pregnancy this is usually around the beginning of the second trimester). You should continue using it until no further improvement is seen on the scars (it is suggested you keep using it at least 2 – 3 months minimum after birth of your baby).

For older or more severe stretch marks you may want to continue the treatment for a longer period.

Does Stratamark work on older or more severe stretch marks?

See above question. Yes, but it may require longer treatment.

How much Stratamark do you need to use for effective treatment?

It depends on how many stretch marks you are treating. It is suggested that approximately 3 tubes of a 50g of Stratamark will be required if you use it from the beginning of your second trimester right up until two to three months post-partum when used on your breasts, thighs and abdomen.

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