Sarah had what many of us have… the dreaded “bra rolls” on our back. However, she decided to something about it. The Cooltech treatment is taking over as the more preferred version of Coolsculpting, and Sarah couldn’t be happier with her Cooltech treatment results from Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle.

Being very broad across her back, Sarah says she always had a hard time finding dresses to fit properly. “As I need to go up a size for the back/bra rolls area, it was then too big on my hips. I’d been unsuccessful trying to spot reduce this area at the gym.”

Cooltech before & afterSarah had already had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation after losing a lot of weight after having big babies (something more than a few of us can relate to!) with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery, “with fantastic results” so she was aware of the downtime surgery requires from all activities. This was one of her motivations for trying a less invasive option for her back area. Sarah says she was also interested in Cooltech as opposed to liposuction or anything else because, “it has no downtime, very little pain, is less costly and I heard the results could be seen in a matter of weeks.”

It was because of her success with Hunter Plastic Surgery that Sarah felt comfortable choosing them to do her Cooltech treatment. “Alesha & Lisa are so professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I feel totally at ease and comfortable with them both. They always ask each other’s opinion before commencing the treatment to ensure that the best results for the patient occur. I have never see two people get excited about my bra rolls and fat. So funny!”

What does the Cooltech treatment feel like?

So how did Sarah find the actual treatment? She says it was painless. “It just feels like you have suction caps on your back and feels bit tight. The only little bit of pain lasts for about 2-3 minutes when they take the suction caps off and the blood flow returns to that area. For the next few days you feel a little tender, but this is only if area is touched – otherwise you cannot feel anything whilst going about your normal activities. I was actually back at the gym the next day.”

Sarah says she only has positive things to say about her Cooltech experience. “You will feel great and more confident in your clothes as they will fit better and will be able to wear tops that you once didn’t because of the ‘bra roll’ overhang. Your credit card may get a bit of a workout as you will want to buy new clothes as you will feel so much more confident and comfortable.”

Cooltech Results are Cool!

CooltechSarah says she saw and felt results through the clothes she was wearing within three to four weeks of having the treatment and that continued as the weeks went by. She says, “The biggest changes occurred in the first 8 weeks, however there were still obvious changes and reduction in the bra roll at the 16 week follow up.”

Depending on how much fat you have in the area you are treating you may need to return for repeat sessions. Sarah says she recently had another lot of treatment in the same area as there was still just enough fat left to do it. She is also considering getting her lower back done at a later date too. “As I have PCOS, losing weight can be very hard and one of the symptoms I have is that I carry my weight around my mid-section and cannot see myself being able to spot reduce this area.”

She’s also talking to her friends and family about her success with the treatment and Sarah’s cousin is now looking at getting his tummy done! “I gave him the HPS (Hunter Plastic Surgery) website to look at before and after photos, plus showed him mine. The great thing about it is there is no down time and nobody needs to know what you have had done. Plus people will see you feeling more confident and comfortable but won’t be able to ‘put their finger on it’ as to what is different.”

We love Sarah’s before and after photos and she looks awesome! We’ve been hearing about some really great results from the Cooltech treatment, and Sarah’s are definitely proof it actually works!

If you’d like more information about where you can get the Cooltech treatment near you, click here, or if you’d like to read more about it first, check out the blog below:

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