Dr Jeremy Hunt, Plastic Surgeon, is often asked by his patients for recommendations on skin care products that not only complement and can be used after surgery, but are just good skin care products in general. He realised that his knowledge on what is and is not good for the skin, along with his passion for wanting to maximise his patient’s results, could result in the development of a skin care range that met and exceeded all his patients and client expectations. So was borne Dr Hunt’s Skin Care range.

Dr Hunt says whilst the ageing process is inevitable, it’s about enabling people to be as confident and happy in their skin as they can possibly be. “Skin changes are among the most visible signs of ageing. Therefore it is imperative to commit to a daily regime of high quality skin care that will help reduce these signs and assist in improving the texture and quality of our skin.”

Dr Hunt Skincare

Developed by a team of expert medical professionals

Dr Hunt teamed up with a group of other medical professionals to formulate a skin care range for all skin types. Dr Hunt says, “It is important to me that our skincare gives visible results with a minimum of effort. We want to give patients an affordable skin care option that combined the best skin science available and is effective with visible results, while being beautiful and luxurious to use.”

Products in Dr Hunt’s Skin Care Range

Products in the range include:
Pure Gentle Cleanser
Alpha Active Cleanser
C+ Morning Serum
Protect Day Cream
Hydrate Night Serum
A+ Night Cream

Dr Hunt’s Skin Care range have active ingredients and vitamins that are suitable on the most sensitive of skins and can be used before and after surgery, as well as for ongoing everyday use. “I’m excited that we’ve developed a range that men and women of all ages can use to help them look and feel the best they can. I love the feedback from not only my patients, but from people all over the country telling me they’re so happy they’ve found something that they can actually see and feel working.”

We think it’s exciting that Dr Hunt has taken the initiative to provide a product to a skin care market that can only benefit from such a well-respected surgeon’s perspective.

If you’d like to read more about Dr Hunt’s Skin Care range or would like to purchase any of the products, check out his website here.


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