You might have heard of patients having more than one procedure at a time to minimise the recovery time and to cut down on the costs of anaesthetists and hospital stays, especially with the increasing popularity of the body lift after massive weight loss or so-called “Mummy Makeover”. It is an approach many patients are now starting to consider but you do need to be careful about ensuring the surgeon you choose for the job is capable and skilled in both or all of the procedures you are having done.

Cosmetic Surgery for Women (CSFW) is a unique practice where not just one but an amazing group of respected specialist plastic surgeons are based. One of the advantages of having such highly skilled surgeons in one place is that they can combine their skills and work together on the one patient if that patient has more than one procedure being done in the one operation. This ensures you are definitely having the most skilled surgeon for each procedure and is definitely something to keep in mind when you are looking at having more than one procedure.

At CSFW they have several highly esteemed surgeons for you to work with: Dr Douglas McManamny, Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Tom Robbins, Dr Geoff Barnett and they also have the highly skilled Dr Benjamin Burt specialising in Oculoplastics (for eye lifts). Each of these surgeons are more than capable of withstanding a review of their skills on their own, but when you put more than one of them together they create a powerhouse that is going to get you results that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere if you are having more than one procedure.

Let’s list the advantages of having more than one procedure in the same operation:

Minimising the Risks

Each operation you undergo comes with risks. So, the more operations you have, the more you subject yourself to those risks, i.e. Complications with anaesthesia; respiratory issues, post-operative fever, atelectasis (partial or complete lung collapse), wound infection, embolism and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to name a few.

Saving Some Dollars

Having only one hospital stay and one anaesthetist will definitely reduce your costs. Also, your overall combined recovery time will be quicker so that will definitely save your money.

Less Down Time

Whilst you need to factor in recovery time after any operation, having only one period of time off work instead of two is definitely an advantage. Whilst you might have two areas of your body recovering, at least at the end of it you won’t have to start thinking about going back for that second or third op!

So, whilst there are definite advantages to having your procedures done at the same time, one of the things you do need to consider when looking at having more than one procedure in the same op is how long you will be under anaesthesia. The longer you are under the higher your risk of complication. However, if you go with a highly respected practice and surgeons such as those at the Cosmetic Surgery for Women, you can rest assured you are working with some of the best in the industry, so their highly trained and specialist anaesthetists are very skilled in what they do… not to mention the planning of some of the best plastic surgeons around. It is generally agreed that 4 – 8 hours is at the top end of the amount of time you want a multiple-procedure surgery to take, however you really need to discuss this with your surgeon and weigh up the pros and the cons directly with them and do what suits YOU best.

If you’d like more information on the specialist plastic surgeon practice you can see their listing on our website here, or phone them directly on 03 9429 8363 to arrange a consultation.

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