Dr Allan Kalus

Dr Allan Kalus

Breast augmentation is still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures on the planet. Bigger, shapely boobs are always going to be desirable for many women. However, a trend that Dr Allan Kalus from Avenue Plastic Surgery in Windsor Victoria is noticing, is that more and more patients are swapping breast implants to fat implants instead. He’s seeing more women come in who have already have synthetic (silicone or saline filled) breast implants, but want to have them taken out and replaced with a fat transfer.

Why Swap to Fat?

There are several reasons why women are choosing fat transfers to increase their bust size instead of keeping their implants. Obviously, there’s ongoing speculation as to the length of time synthetic implants last. Whether you choose saline or silicone, it is debated they can last anywhere from 5 years up to forever. However, the reality (and statistics) of the situation is that you will have to replace your implants at some point. Fat transfer means you don’t have it in the back of your mind that you have another procedure to deal with at some point in the future.

There are also the safety concerns. We’ve all seen an increasing number of stories in the last few years about ALCL, ruptured implants and other such scary things. Fat transfer has none of these concerns. Some other bonuses of choosing fat transfer breast augmentation can be:

  • The fat has to come from somewhere. Liposuction of your belly, thighs and elsewhere is an added bonus of moving the fat to your breasts.
  • Fat transfer breasts feel completely natural.
  • You don’t have any foreign materials in your body, so your body won’t reject them.
  • Minimal scarring – instead of incisions, you have your fat transferred by injections.
  • The results are permanent and do not need to be addressed further down the track unless you want to go bigger.

Fat has come a long way

Fat transfer is really just taking off in Australia. Up until a year ago, fat transfer was performed by very few Australian surgeons, and it had the reputation of resulting in lumpy boobs. However, this is definitely no longer the case and advanced techniques have eliminated this concern. Dr Allan Kalus was one of the very first surgeons to see its merits and bring it to his clinic. He is now one of Australia’s most experienced and successful fat transfer surgeons. There are a couple of things to keep in mind with replacing your implants with fat.

Firstly, you have to have enough of your own fat to graft to your breasts! If you’re completely void of fat on your bum or belly, then you may not be a candidate (although most of us usually have a reasonably amount of fat to spare!). Secondly, you can only increase your breast size with fat a little at a time. You can increase one or two cup sizes in the one procedure. So, if you’re looking to have those huge boobs that can only be bought with implants, then fat won’t work for you.

Breast fat grafting procedure

The fat grafting procedure has two main steps. The first is harvesting the fat through liposuction. The second is inserting the fat into your breasts. Dr Kalus gives us a little more insight, “The fat is harvested with a special cannula to ensure that very small pieces of fat are collected. This fat is then prepared into a type of “puree” which can be injected through a specially designed cannula into the breast tissue and under the skin of the breast. This fat is then massaged and molded so that a smooth and uniform breast enlargement is produced. The fat is injected into multiple tunnels to give the cells maximum chance of survival. It is known that the fat tissue contains stem cells and these are thought to grow and differentiate into fat tissue.”

Fat transfer is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. It’s getting some awesome results, and Dr Kalus is one of the surgeons leading the charge.

If you’d like to arrange a consult with Dr Allan Kalus, you can phone his clinic on 03 9521 1777. To read more about fat transfer to the breasts check out the blogs below.

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