Dr Shobhna Singh introduced the TempSure device into her clinic and she’s loving it and the results it gets for her patients. One of the best things about the TempSure is that it’s a pleasurable treatment where the patients can actually relax and enjoy it. The TempSure is used for facial rejuvenation but it can be used for body toning, women’s health or vaginal rejuvenation, blepharoplasty, under eye wrinkles, bags, dark circles and so much more. It can do everything from removing skin tags and lesions to helping with pigmentation and tightening. Dr Shobhna says the TempSure platform gives her the opportunity to treat a wide variety of conditions and issues for her patients, with minimal downtime.

Dr Shobhna is based at her clinic Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Clinic in Glenroy, Victoria. They offer a full range of treatments – check out their website, or phone them on (03) 93001244. You can also take advantage of their special offer for the TempSure at the moment – check it out below.

TempSure Facial Rejuvenation

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