Dr Josh Wall from Contour Clinics

Dr Josh Wall from Contour Clinics talks about the TempSure Platform and it’s advanced radiofrequency technology used for skin tightening, minor surgical procedures, body contouring, vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, cellulite and so much more. The significant results achieved from TempSure are extremely impressive and best of all have minimal downtime. This in-demand device is super hot in the US with physicians lining up to get it in their clinics.

Contour Clinics are the first in Australia to offer the TempSure but it is anticipated that it will be in many more by the end of 2019. Keep your eye out for it, or if you want to be one of the many patients getting some amazing results head to the Contour Clinics website or give them a call on (02) 9712 4599.





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