Are you having problems dropping those last 10 pounds? Liposuction is one of the popular methods for removing stubborn pockets of fat from the body, particularly those unresponsive to diet and exercise. Traditional liposuction methods have given way to more efficient forms of technology, including the use of lasers and ultrasound to melt fat. VASER, or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, uses a specialised probe to pulse sound energy into fat cells. So what specific benefits does VASER offer?

Minimal damage to surrounding tissue

All types of liposuction involve fat cells being suctioned out of the body using a cannula, or thin metal tube. The VASER technique uses a smaller incision and sound waves to liquefy these cells first. This improves accuracy, makes the fat cells easier to remove, and minimises any potential damage to surrounding tissues. Skin tightens quickly after the procedure, for dramatic results in a short period of time.


High-definition results

While all three methods of liposuction achieve similar in terms of the amount of fat removed, one of the primary benefits of VASER is its ability to provide highly defined, precise fat removal in a shorter time period. The liquefied fat cells are removed more evenly than traditional liposuction allows, for a smooth, sculpted final result. Muscles can be highlighted and defined, allowing for more noticeable results. When looking at the future of liposuction, many surgeons are now combining methods to achieve even more dramatic results. By combining ultrasound and laser techniques, skin can be tightened and cellulite targeted more effectively.

Swift recovery time

Because the fat cells are removed evenly with smaller incisions, there’s a lower risk of scarring, blood loss, and bruising. Dr. Jeremy Hunt, a Sydney based plastic surgeon, offers VASER liposuction treatments with no need to spend the night in the hospital. The results of this procedure are nearly instantaneous, and because it can be performed under local anaesthetic it’s less risky than other cosmetic procedures. Your body will continue to break down fat cells after the procedure, with the complete results visible after six months.

It’s best to speak to your doctor if you’re interested in VASER liposuction. This procedure is ideally performed on patients who are otherwise healthy, but want to achieve a more defined and contoured physique. It offers not only the chance to remove fat cells, but to remove them in a more targeted way for total body reshaping.

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