As we leave our twenties behind we naturally produce less collagen, which is the substance our body produces to keep our skin youthful-looking. We also start to show the effects of exposure to pollution and of living hectic, busy lives. So, we understand that there are many different reasons why people resort to facial treatments and other cosmetic procedures to help them improve their facial features. There are highly skilled and experienced nurses and surgeons which will help you to decide which procedure or treatment will give you the desired results and leave you feeling confident and happy with your appearance. They also offer a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and would advise you to book in for a free consultation to find out more and see how they can help.

Dr Steven Liew says that “our face is our unique identity and it is how we are recognised, how we communicate to others and it’s the most effective piece of machinery in the universe.” And he is constantly amazed at the haphazard way patients approach their facial treatments. Dr Liew, (FRACS) founder and medical director of Shape Clinic, is one of Australia’s leading new generation plastic surgeons, and a global leader in cosmetic facial enhancement techniques. He is the first Australian to be admitted as a fellow in plastic surgery at the world renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Centre in New York, and made his mark early in his career, specialising in facial and breast aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr Liew believes that, “while no-one would contemplate having three or four dentists or cardiologists, patients seem to think nothing of going from one clinic to the next for their facial injectables. Some will get their forehead treated with one clinician, while others have their mid-face filled at the next and another specialist for laser treatments”. Consequently, this makes Dr Liew wonder why people treat their face like a jigsaw puzzle, “a collection of separate parts rather than the face as a whole.”

Dr Liew has been lecturing around the world and has noticed that this is a growing trend everywhere, in Europe, the United States or Asia. He perceives that at a time when new advanced treatments and products are delivering unprecedented results, these patients are “missing out”. And worse still, “We are starting to see more patients with suboptimal results and a disharmonious facial appearance because they do not have an overall facial treatment plan”. His passion for delivering more beautiful and natural looking results for patients made him develop a series of world first non-surgical procedures which have earned him an international reputation. Dr Liew’s non-surgical procedure to reshape and transform the misshapen or square shaped lower face and jawline to a more beautiful, feminine shape was the first in his series of breakthrough procedures.

In addition to the Liew Lift, a global beauty template being adopted as a universal standard and measuring tool for modern facial enhancement procedures, surgical and non-surgical, Dr Liew also devised the Beauty Through The Ages™ program. This is used to guide patients through each decade of their life, using the latest procedures available to help them look their best and more beautiful at every stage and age of life.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Liew at the Shape Clinic in Darlinghurst phone (02) 8356 2888, or if you’d like to read more about Dr Liew first check out the blogs below:
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