PSH: Hi, I’m here today with Catherine from Advanced Cosmeceuticals and we’re talking about the Infini device which is a radio frequency device for skin tightening and volume. So can you tell us about it.

Catherine: Skin tightening and also volume, and very very good for scarring, collagen production. Infini works with 2 modalities. We use radio frequency, and we use micro-needling. The micro-needling has been around for a long time. Now we’re bringing it to another level. So with radio frequency, the radio frequency is only a emitted through insulated needles, which is really important because it means there’s no thermal damage caused on the epidermis but we’re also very very precise because we know exactly where the coagulation of the collagen in the radio frequency happens. And we work on 3 different levels. So we get a really nice tightening effect, but also more volumization.

PSH: Ok, so the skin tightens, but the volume increases.

Catherine: Increases yes.

PSH: Ok perfect. Sounds perfect.

Catherine: It’s very very effective on laxity along the jowls, also neck. It’s very hard to treat a neck for tightening so this is – for a lot of people this is a step before they might consider plastic surgery. It’s non invasive, there’s not a lot of downtime and if the viewers have already experienced micro needling they know there’s a little bit of pink with needling, because we’re creating a wound, and we are stimulating new collagen induction.

PSH: So it’s almost like micro-needling on steroids.

Catherine: Yeah. So that’s a really good way of putting it.

PSH: Ok. With say for example with the face and neck, can you do them both at once?

Catherine: You do need to have to a topical anaesthetic and we recommend a very strong product so there’s a very very little pain involved. Occassional a bit of discomfort, and therefore we don’t recommend to do face and neck at the same time. It’s a bit too much, but you can easily do the treatment like the day after. Like if you want to have the neck and the face at the same time just leave a day apart.

PSH: Ok. Alright. Can you tell me basically about how the treatment goes, how long does it take?

Catherine: How long does it take to do the treatment? It’s about half an hour for the treatment and we also have to allow the time for the anaesthetic to work, so all up about an hour. No sorry, about an hour and 15 minutes.

PSH: Ok, alright. And how many treatments would I need to notice a difference say in my neck for example?

Catherine: You will need about 3-4 treatments. The results you will see after 4 to 6 weeks. So you need to allow enough time for the new collagen, and that will take depending on your age, between 4 and 8 weeks.

PSH: Ok. So you have the treatment then you wait for 4 to 8 weeks before having another one?

Catherine: You can have another treatment 2 to 4 weeks later, that’s the timeframe.

PSH: Ok, alright. You can get a whole lot done within a couple of months.

Catherine: Yes.

PSH: Alright. Now I know it’s particularly good for acne scarring. You can you tell us a little bit about how that works?

Catherine: Because we are working with collagen induction butr also tightening, it evens out the acne scarring. So we work with the radio frequency to coagulate, to shrink, then with the new collagen to fill it up. So very very nice results for acne scarring. And sometimes even after 1 treatment the client will already see already some improvement.

PSH: Ok great. oh that’s wonderful.

Catherine: And of course with your fine lines, wrinkles just that volumisation.

PSH: Is it like having an in-depth facial like… I don’t know… I’ve had it.

Catherine: It’s really really exciting procedure, non-invasive, very very little downtime, so it’s becoming very very attractive.

PSH: Alright, one last question. If I was to have it done today can I go back to work – like as a lunch time treatment?

Catherine: You can have it, you’ll be a bit red, and a bit irritated – the skin, and the skin will feel quite dry, needs a lot of moisturizing. But you can go to work, you can go back to work straight away, you might have just a bit of redness, but by the next day that will go away.

PSH: Fantastic, that’s great. Well thank you so much for that.

Catherine: You’re welcome.

PSH: If you are looking at a practitioner of the INFINI treatment you can click on the find the practitioner who does this treatment, otherwise drop us an email at Thank you so much.

Catherine: Thank you.


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