Cosmetic surgery has been on an upwards incline for many years now, despite numerous controversies that surround it. New procedures are emerging constantly. Some of these are left by the wayside with passing fads, but others, such as the ever popular breast augmentation, get added into the list of popular surgeries that have stuck around for years. With many prospective patients unsure of whether to take the sometimes large risks associated with full cosmetic surgery, a surge of new ‘quick fix’ procedures have emerged. These are promising patients the same results as traditional surgery via non -invasive treatments, where recovery times are minimal in comparison to traditional surgical methods. We have taken a look at some of the procedures that come within the ‘quick fix’ bracket…

Instant Cheekbones

Cheekbones are often considered a requirement for a well sculpted and balanced face these days. For those who aren’t lucky enough to have been born with them, there’s always contouring makeup (thank you Kim Kardashian), and new cosmetic methods as well. Fillers, such as those used in lip injections, are injected into the cheeks at various points to fill out the area, and then massaged into place to create a sculpted look.

‘Lunch Break’ Breast Augmentation

Considerably less invasive than other methods of breast enlargement, this procedure uses the same injectable hyaluronic acid that is seen in other cosmetic procedures, such as wrinkle fillers, to plump out the breasts from underneath. No general anaesthetic is required, so patients can go back to work straight after having this procedure, hence it’s nickname. There is only small to moderate amount of discomfort as the local anaesthetic wears off, so generally patients are recovered within a few hours.

The Thread Lift

This is a non-surgical alternative to a full facelift. The thread lift, also known as a ‘suture lift’, is a new method of lifting the skin on the face without the need for surgery. Using a fine needle, a stitch is placed underneath the skin, working as an ‘anchor point’ to lift the skin from underneath. The stitches placed are biodegradable and are manufactured specifically to increase collagen production, further enhancing the results of the procedure as the stitches dissolve.

Why are these non-surgical treatments popular?

While going under the knife is still massively popular, many people are put off by the risks they carry. With scandals such as the PIP breast implant debacle, causing many women to have their implants removed and place breast surgery claims, it’s easy to see why a non-surgical breast augmentation might be so popular.

These non-invasive cosmetic procedures are so much more popular chiefly because they carry much less risk than going under the knife. While there are still risk factors to consider if you’re considering them, they be a more sensible option if you’re a little fearful of heading under the knife!

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