With more than ten years in the marketplace, Sciton is a world leading aesthetic technology company that provides a range of high-quality, world-leading lasers and light treatments that deliver measurable results.

The Clear Suite 1064 Nd:YAG applications, including ClearV™ and ClearSilk™. These treatments can address a range of aesthetic concerns, such as unsightly veins, both on the face and body, plus a range of other unwanted skin conditions, such as sun damage, fine lines and unsightly scarring.

World-leading Lasers

ClearV™ – Vanishing Unsightly Veins

The ClearV™ technology can vanish veins caused by enlarged or broken blood vessels, both on the face and the body, from rosacea and port wine stains to spider veins and birthmarks.

ClearV™ with 1064 nm provides a ‘vein finder’ that is inbuilt into the handpiece. With this unique technology, selective heating of the veins produces excellent and instantly visable results. The ClearV™ treatment is effective for all skin types and treatments result with virtually no downtime.

world-leading lasersClearV™ is effective for:

• Facial telangiectasias
• Leg veins
• Periorbital veins
• Reticular veins
• Skin tags
• Port wine stains
• Spider veins
• Rosacea
• Warts

The Skin Perfector – ClearSilk™

ClearSilk™ address minor skin imperfections, while also deeply revitalising the skin. The ClearSilk™ treatment works by depositing heat into the skin’s micro vessels. This heat then increases the temperature of the blood that is flowing through these micro vessels, stimulating collagen activity and the body’s natural repair process. The ClearSilk™ treatment results in a measurable and visable reduction of fine lines, sun damage and wrinkles.

World-leading LasersClearSilk™ is effective for:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Pigmented lesions
• Diffuse redness
• Rosacea
• Improved luminosity
• Acne scars
• Skin revitalisation

More and more clinics in Australia are offering these Sciton devices and treatments as patients all over the globe are seeing some truly amazing results with these world-leading lasers. To find a provider in Australia just head here and type in “Australia” in the search bar.


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