Trish: I’m here today with Dr Ashish Bhatia, he practices in Chicago and we’re going to have a little chat about the TheraClear and how amazing this device is for acne. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Ashish: Thanks for having me.

Trish: Tell us a bit about it. Why is it so good for acne? What does it do?

Ashish: This is one of the devices in our practice which our patients really love. It’s mostly because it gives very good results for acne. Most of these patients, they come in with acne. It might be mild, or it might be severe. They’re started on topical and oral medications to help it go away, but those things take time to work, up to three months. Nobody ever wants to wait for three months. I want my skin to be clear faster too, so we have them treated with the TheraClear, and it’s a very simple, painless treatment that takes about ten, fifteen minutes. What it does is it stretches the skin a little bit and pulls all the crud, so to speak, out of all the pores; cleans the pores. Then when the skin is stretched, it fires a gentle light, and that light basically kills the bacteria and helps the lesions improve much quicker. It jump starts the therapy – so instead of having to wait three months to see improvement, you start seeing improvement in as soon as two weeks.

Trish: Oh wow. Does it hurt?

Ashish: It’s absolutely painless. The treatments are so quick, and usually the person treating the patient is just talking to the patient the whole time. They’re so relaxed, and they really enjoy it. A lot of them keep coming back, mostly because it’s like a facial.

Trish: Okay. You could do it on a young teenager who’s just broken out, and they’re really stressed out about it, because it’s not going to hurt them, and it’s …

Ashish: Yeah, and they love it because they see improvement. That’s what we all want to see, is improvement.

Trish: What about on the back? Can you use it on the back?

Ashish: Yeah, absolutely. You can use it on the face and the back. It’s good for both of those areas.

Trish: Okay, great. I know you said it doesn’t take long, but how long would a face treatment do?

Ashish: A treatment takes anywhere between ten and fifteen minutes to do a whole face, and if you’re going to do a back, it’ll take another five to ten minutes. It’s very quick.

Trish: Oh, great. That sounds excellent. Nice and easy. And you can be acne free within a couple of weeks.

Ashish: Yeah, you can definitely have an improvement, significant improvement in your acne in a couple weeks. Then the medicines kick in, and they work well together.

Trish: Fantastic. It sounds like a perfect duo.

Ashish: It’s very nice, yeah. It’s been a game changer for our patients. They’ve been so happy.

Trish: Okay. That’s great. Well, thank you so much for taking the time today.

Ashish: My pleasure.

Trish: If you’ve got an queries, you want to find a practitioner that does this procedure, just drop us an email at Thank you so much.

Ashish: Yeah, thank you.

Trish: Thanks.


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