Have you been thinking about trying anti-wrinkle treatments or dermal fillers, but haven’t been brave enough to take that step? Ricky is a 25 year old photographer who decided 3 years ago that he no longer needed to put up with his frown lines that made him look permanently angry! Ricky made an appointment with the VIE Institute on the Sunshine Coast to find out if these treatments really could make him look the way he felt – happy! He says initially he wondered if the treatments would work for him, but he says he is now one of the converted.

Ricky says, “I knew nothing about Anti-wrinkle injections or fillers. I spoke to Jan at VIE and after assessing me, recommended me to get both. I was wondering if it was going to work or not. I got my Anti-wrinkle injections and a few days after that I decided to get the filler. My frown lines were immediately filled in – it was amazing!”

Vie Institute

Vie Institute

The importance of reputable injectors

It’s really important that you make sure you find a reputable practitioner and clinic to have any surgical or non-surgical treatments in. Not all practitioners are equal, and not all fillers are equal. This is important to remember when you are doing your research as to where and by whom you are going to have your treatments. VIE Institute are renowned as one of the best when it comes to experienced and well trained practitioners. We hear from their happy patients all the time who are all too happy to share their positive experiences.

What made Ricky choose VIE Institute? “You have to feel comfortable when you walk into a place like that. You’re insecure, you don’t know what’s going to happen, you’re scared. The first place I went to (before VIE) gave me the impression they’d just give you any product and see how it goes. It seemed like they didn’t really care – they just want your money. And I didn’t like that. So I left and that’s when I found VIE. I felt comfortable with them from the very first time I walked through their doors.”

So, what advice would Ricky have to someone looking at having injectables? “Do your research on the clinic and injector that you’re thinking of going to – I think it makes a huge difference as to who is injecting you. For me, I felt really comfortable. Jan at VIE has over 2 decades of experience doing this, so when someone has experience doing this for longer than you’ve been born – wow, that’s amazing! Also, don’t rush into something and regret it later. Little bit by bit over time. If someone says “we’ll just fill you up with filler or 40 or 60 units of Anti-Wrinkle Injections”, consider that a red flag because it can be too much. You want a proper conversation with your practitioner, have them explain it to you, just like Jan did for me. And don’t be afraid to ask. Side effects – if there is any and what is it going to do to me? As I already mentioned, you’ve got to get a good practitioner – they’re not going to pressure you into getting this or that done, they’re going to give you all the info you need, and at that point you’ll know what’s right for you”.

Ricky before & after

VIE fixed Ricky’s skin too

Ricky says he got more than just fillers when he went to VIE. “I had terrible skin – a few years ago my skin was absolutely horrible – I felt like you would run in the other direction when you saw me. I’m a professional photographer and I’d be trying to explain to models that it’s good to have healthy skin. I felt that I couldn’t promote healthy skin if I didn’t have it myself. My self confidence was affected as well.”

Tried Everything? Almost…

Like so many of us Ricky says he tried countless store brand skin products. He says he spent hundreds of dollars on products that didn’t make a difference at all. It was not until he went for his consult with VIE that Jan zoomed in to his face with the magnifier and light and explained to him what was going on. “She said this is how you’re getting oil and she really made me understand – which is nothing like I’ve never had before. When I purchased the products she recommended – I started with normal cleanse, tone and moisturise, and within a week or 2 I started to see the difference. My skin started to get a bit brighter, it started to reduce in redness, it sort of bought the pimples up quicker and it allowed them to heal, and they never come back! I think it’s very rare that I would have a pimple now, which is just for me that’s just huge. I’ve never come across a product that’s done that to me.”

Ricky’s got some awesome advice. And he looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your story Ricky! If you’d like more information on Jan or the VIE Institute click here, or read more stories like Ricky’s.


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