There’s nothing worse than hearing the dreaded “you look tired”. We all know that “tired” translates to old. Thankfully, there are real ways that you can soften the look of and even prevent the appearance of those pesky lines and sagging jowls by making sure your skin is healthy, plump and hydrated.

As we age, Mister Gravity has his way. Over time, our skin becomes lax, we lose volume and elasticity, plus the body’s collagen production levels slow right down. Unfortunately, through the ageing process, we produce less collagen, whilst at the same time our elastin fibres wear out and our dermal layer thins.

Below are treatments and tips to help boost collagen levels – all of which will lead to plumper skin, increased hydration levels and improved skin appearance.

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

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  • Drink lots of water, as this helps to flush out any toxins within the body
  • Take supplements i.e., collagen powers and fish oil
  • Pack your diet full of things that include good fatty acids (i.e., fish) as well as nutritious superfoods that help boost collagen levels like dark leafy greens, garlic, blueberries, avocado
  • Look for foods that are full of antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Massage & Exercise Your Facial Skin

  • The face has muscles, just like the body – exercising these muscles can improve volume and elasticity whilst also combating muscle atrophy.
  • Regular facial exercising and massaging your skin will also help stimulate tissue, increase blood flow and aid lymphatic drainage.
  • Make it a part of your regular routine – there are plenty of helpful tutorials and step by step guides to be found on YouTube.
  • Include facial massages and exercises in your skincare regime, you can even invest in a facial massage tool that you can use whilst applying your skincare product.

Microneedling and Derma Rolling

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Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is fantastic treatment for overall skin rejuvenation, while also reducing fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines. Microneedling works by using tiny needles to puncture the skin barrier creating micro wounds, triggering a natural healing response within the body. Through this process, your skin is essentially regenerating itself and increasing the skin’s collagen production levels at the same time.

As new collagen is produced and dispersed by the Microneedling process, wrinkles appear less deep, fine lines are reduced, pitted skin and acne scars are filled in and texture irregularities become less noticeable.

edermastamp side by side comparisonYou can even micro needle at home, using a what’s known as a dermaroller. Dermarolling one to 2 times a week will help boost the effects from your professional micro needling treatments. It is important you choose a dermaroller from a reputational source, such as your treatment provider. Ideally, you should look for a length of 0.2mm as this is the most optimal length for safely affecting and targeting fine lines, texture irregularities and generating new collagen.

When dermarollering at home, make sure to pull the skin taught so that the needles can get into the wrinkle fold itself. Also, if you choose to perform this treatment at home – make sure to always sanitise with a purpose designed roller cleaner after each use.

Plasma rejuvenation with a Plasma Pen

using a dermarollerPlasma Pens are a fast-growing trend within the anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation field and are increasingly popular as the non-surgical treatment of choice. A plasma pen utilises a small electric charge (plasma flash) to deliver energy to the superficial skin cells, changing the targeted treatment area from a solid to a gas (without damaging a surrounding tissue).

A Plasma Pen treatment causes a wound healing response within the skin, resulting in the collagen fibres to contract, whilst stimulating fibroblast cells to produce new collagen. After treatment a crust will develop, but this will dissipate within a week. New collagen continues to generate for 4-6 weeks after your treatment, with the end result being a smoother, tighter and younger looking skin.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Plexr Plasma Rejuvenation TreatmentIPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and works by applying rapid pulses of light at varying lengths and intensity to the treatment area. A treatment with an IPL machine will work to improve both your skin texture and tone as well as stimulating the fibroblast cells within the skin. This encourages collagen and elastin production, which is great news for ageing skin. IPL photo rejuvenation treatments also work to plump, firm and hydrate the skin as well as improving overall skin tone and texture by regenerating the skin. These powerful treatments result in a smoother, younger, fresher complexion.

RF Skin Tightening

RF skin tightening procedureRF Skin Tightening treatments are extremely effective at improving your skin’s firmness and elasticity. Treatments tighten and tone, lax ageing skin on both the face and neck area. Treatments are fast, safe, comfortable with no downtime. RF Skin Tightening uses low frequency energy to heat up the dermis – deep within the skin to help produce your skin’s best friend- collagen.

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