There are so many skin care products on the market today that choosing the right one for you and your skin is a treasure hunt. Product lines vary in price from more than $300 to below $50. Mary Kay, Avon, Oil of Olay, Proactive and Neutrogena Skin ID are just a few of the major brands available for consumers. There is also the option to make a homemade skin care line from all natural ingredients making sure you get as many benefits from your daily skin routine as possible.

Most of your skin care lines carry a mask, facial scrub and daily moisturiser. However, some like Mary Kay and Avon have also have a Day Solution which has an added SPF as well as a Night Solution with antioxidants. Both of these are used under the moisturiser to help your skin protect and renew itself. Then you have the option of adding special products for crow’s feet and fine lines as well as microdermabrasion sets to refine and replenish your skin. You’ll even find products for age fighting and special firming products which have retinol in them to reveal radiant skin and reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles and will make the skin look smoother on the face and neck.

For the younger crowd who has more of a problem with acne than wrinkles Neutrogena Skin ID has several systems to choose from. Some include a facial peel and mask while others also care a body wash or scrub. Each of these systems targets a specific problem allowing you to truly get what you need from a skin care line.

Many lines have extra products which will help with the fine lines and wrinkles that some women have and would like to see removed without having to have surgery. Given that you may just have to try a few different systems to find the one that is right for you. The system that is right for you will be one that gives you value for your money, provide what you need in as few or as many steps as you choose and makes your skin feel and look younger.

Homemade skin care is becoming all the rage right now because many more people want to know exactly what goes into and onto their bodies. There are a whole range of products from facial scrubs and scrubs to remove unwanted hair as well as recipes for blackhead removal and homemade moisturiser. These can be chosen for the products you currently have on hand or for special scents that you prefer. There is no limit to what you can make in your own kitchen to supply your facial skin care needs.

With all of the skin care lines available on the market as well as those you can concoct right in the comfort of your own kitchen every woman should have at least the basic skin care regiment to keep their skin healthy and glowing.

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