A/Prof Colin Moore

A/Prof Colin Moore

Assoc Prof Colin Moore is one of the highest regarded cosmetic surgeons in Australia when it comes to genital enhancements. In fact, he currently holds ten patents for this type of surgery. Patients from Australia and all over the world fly to his Sydney-based clinic for consultations and cosmetic surgical procedures.

Flying to Sydney for your genital surgery

Many patients from all corners of the country fly to Sydney to consult with Assoc Prof Moore. It is extremely common for his patients to fly in for their consultation, which will be arranged to fit in with flight times, and then be back in the comforts of their own home that evening.

When it comes to the actual procedure or surgery, many of Assoc Prof Moore’s patients opt to stay at a hotel the day before the surgery, and then go back to the hotel post surgery. Whilst it is necessary for some patients to stay in hospital the night of the procedure, and days following on the odd occasion depending on the individual circumstances, it is extremely common for out of town patients to recover in the comforts of a hotel close to the hospital. Whilst it is a requirement to be discharged in the company of a caregiver, those who do not have any family or friends located in Sydney or have some who have travelled with them, can easily arrange a specialised service (Dial-an-Angel) to accompany them to the hotel after the procedure. Assoc Prof Moore’s office will assist you to organise this should it be necessary.

More about Assoc Prof Moore

Assoc Prof Moore spent his childhood in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney. He attended Scots College before heading to Sydney University to study medicine. Assoc Prof Moore obtained his postgraduate degrees in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia after graduating.

He is currently a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, a Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, and a Fellow of Australasian College of Surgeons. Known both nationally and internationally for his expertise when it comes to penile enlargement surgery, he performs more than 90 penis enlargement procedures every year.

Penile enlargement surgery

Micropenis is a medical condition where the penis is extremely small. An adult male is said to have this condition when his penis is smaller than four inches when erect. This can also happen in infants when their penis is less than 0.25 inches. Assoc Prof Moore has a tried and tested method of assisting to increase size, both in children and adults. Whether it is a micropenis, or his patients just feel they’d like a bit more size, Assoc Prof Moore is able to help. For children who have been identified as having a micropenis or any other genital issues, he has techniques to assist even before puberty hits, so the sooner you refer to Assoc Prof Moore the better.

Assoc Prof Moore is able to increase the penis length at erection and also it’s width, and his technique using dermal fat grafts has become the gold standard for penis enlargement.

Other male genital procedures done

Assoc Prof Moore also offers the following male genital procedures:

  • Bent Penis Corrective Surgery
  • Peyronies Disease (penile)
  • Congenital Penile Chordee
  • Hidden Penis Procedure
  • Circumcision
  • Overcoming Impotence
  • Hypospadias
  • Penoscrotal Surgery
  • Testicle Implants
  • Scrotum Reduction

Surgical procedures for women

Assoc Prof Moore also performs aesthetic cosmetic surgery for women, in the genital region as well as other common cosmetic procedures.

Attention to detail and patient care

Assoc Prof Moore is famous for his attention to detail and focus on patient care before, during, and after surgery. He strictly monitors his patients following surgery, and each of them are given detailed instructions on how they can recover safely and get the full benefits of his surgery (read our blog “8 Things You Should Consider Adopting Right After Plastic Surgery“) . Assoc Prof Moore’s extensive experience in both paediatric and cosmetic surgery has allowed him to gain a reputation as a go-to expert.

If you’d like to arrange a consult with Assoc Prof Moore contact his clinic on 0414251234, or if you’d like to read more information on Assoc Prof Moore see the articles below:

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