We caught up with Comedian Bev Killick, to have a conversation about treating incontinence. Incontinence affects up to 13% of Australian men and up to 37% of Australian women (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 2006) but these numbers are suggested to be higher – not everyone admits to the issue or seeks help.

Bev is helping to shine a light on this common problem and also talks about the things we can do to treat incontinence. Bev talks honestly about her own journey with the wonderful, raw humour for which she is known. She talks about how pelvic floor exercises are important (and how to actually do them!) and about non-surgical laser devices such as Viveve that are helping women recover control. Viveve is an easy, one-off treatment that can help with incontinence, vaginal ageing and all the issues that come with that such as dryness, looseness and more. To learn more about this treatment check out the blogs below. You can also learn more about Viveve or arrange a treatment through the Millenium Wellness Centre.

To learn more about Bev visit website https://www.laughwithoutleaking.com.au/.

treating incontinence

What is Viveve? How your vagina changes as you age…

treating incontinence

Women’s Intimate Health with Viveve




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